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Optional esp patches during mod install..

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Hello. Im installing mods from the srle extended website , and i got a couple of questions.


So, im installing a mod say i installed " your own thoughts mod " , and , when i double click to install an window open asking me if it should install compatibily patches for frostfall. Should i also install it the frostfall patch ? or will the merge plugin stuff later on have this " integrated " ? 


Also, Say i want to download atlas map markers, there i got 4 options..  modified skyui, default colors, some colors, none.. I liked the color version but im unsure if i shoulda chosen something else.. and then we got the support files inside the same menu.. compass tweaks and world encounters... should these be checked ? lots of mods like this i dont know what additional options i should click..... Thank you a bunch for any answers !!


This is the mod page im using :



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