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  1. Hello again ! So yeah i tried immersive creatures with monster mod v13 from moddb page and i get random ctd with crash fixes saying game has crashed due to cannot find tescombatstyle... now i have googled for this issue but no one has come up with an fix... anyone here knows if base id and actor id wich also shows up, is ok to delete in tes5edit in the " no player character " menu and delete it ? Something else i need to do after deleting that perhaps clean it ? I really like the black widow enemy in that mod who spawns randomly in exteriors cuz in v4 monster mod from nexus is does not sadly ( also v4 works fine with immersive creatures ) Thank you !
  2. Alright ! It seems to have worked , thank you very much ! :)
  3. Hello ! So im wondering primarily if im going to use bash patch for merging and custom tweaks only options in wrye bash, should i first run bash patch and then have the bashpatch.esp checked or should the bash patch be unchecked ? I was following the srle guide so i secondary aslo am wondering, should i run khajiit show ears in tes5edit first, then the great equalizer, then relinker, then bash patch ( with only merge and tweaks selected ) and then smash patch with bash patch ( unselected / selected ? ) then ASIS with bash AND smash esp's unchecked, them fnis, then dual shealth, and then finally texgen with handle mod archives option in mo unchecked and dyndolod ???? Im kinda confused i tried different install priorities but what i figured out was the if i ran asis with smash patch smash would have asis as master or something and then i would get error in dyndolod saying asis needs smash as master so i rearranged the load order dyndolod completed i went ingame and was stuck in loading screen. New game etc didnt show up, if i putted asis above smash patch game would enter new game etc( but then again in dyndolod it told me fatal error load order not correct asis above smash patch or something lol......... I forgot to mention khajiit show ears, then the great equalizer, THEN ( >no more dragon lods< )
  4. Hello ! I wanted to edit vividian ENB sky color to a bit more deep blue, cause originally its way too bright imo. So, shift - entered into enb menu, scrolled down to " sky " checked the " ignore weather system " ( or unchecked ? ) and tweaked the colors manually.. It worked , it looked just like i wanted it to, but there is an huge issue. Lets say when it rains , the sky instead of grey , it will always be deep blue in all rainy / snowy weathers... Do i really need to edit all " rainy weathers " wherever that could be into each ?? Please help me out all i want is a deeper blue sky at daytime :/ ALSO tried different enb like realvision , purevision etc but vividian enb stood out the most with moon lighting etc... in purevision moonlight didnt even work in that enb i had to go in , check the " ignore weather system " just to make the moon glow... lol... its a bit confusing any help will be appreciated !! :)
  6. Okok i will resize those billboards ! I was kinda lookin at that but like it was weird it worked some hours ago but now not lol . Do you have any suggestion what prog i might use to resize the billboards ? It would be uber amazing !!!!!!!
  7. OK MAN IM GETTIN SUPER PISSED OF RIGHT NOW MAN DUDE OK SO I HAVE DONE THIS THIS WHOLE TIME MAN OK WAIT THIS IS THE ISSUE **** MY BAD ENGLISH 1 SEC OK SO... I am runnin 4 forest mods right , MIND U THIS WORKED earlier today and yesterday !!!!! but now i get this error in dyndolod: [Tamriel] Trees LOD generation error: Not enough space to fit all billboards into a 8192 x 8192 atlas. Resize some billboards.[00:00:11.559] [00:00:11.559] Exception in unit userscript line 239: Stream read error[00:00:11.559] [00:00:11.559] Check log lines above the exception for additional hints. Check the FAQ and search official forum for those errors.[00:00:11.559] If problem persists, post error report with contents of ..\DynDOLOD\logs\DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt to official forum https://forum.step-project.com/topic/5011-dynamic-distant-objects-lod-dyndolod So , i got skyrim flora overhaul 2.3 , its 2k LODS , Dark Forests of Skyrim - standalone version - core plus billboards ( also tried the Dark Forests of Skyrim - Core Files plus Billboards ) 1 of them disabled 1 of them enabled each time in dyndolod exact same error ) fantasy forest overhaul , realistic aspen trees and its lod...... So , this WORKED SUPER FINE THIS MORNING MIND U AND YESTERDAY and the times i asked about the solitude error of windmill uknow , but now this is the only issue i got left....... so , when i uncheck fantasy forest overhaul only that mod , dyndolod works fine , and if i enable fantasy forest overhaul and disable dark forest of skyrim it also works.. but , i want dark forest of skyrim and fantasy forest overhaul to work together cuz it srsly looked sick ingame when it worked until i got that error i said above........ i googled that error and saw u wrote in another post to reinstall all of the LOD and tree mods , and so i did , no help.. check / unchecked the let mo handle archives , ran texgen first then dyndolod same error , didnt run texgen only dynodlod same error , it seems like all of a sudden fantasy forest and dark forest wont work together no more............. **** man any help ?????? wtf is that error ??????:(((((((( i rly wanted to play skyrim this weekend but all i get is more **** up my face IF you want the log it is here : https://ufile.io/c7mmm TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I ALSO REISNTALLED DYNDOLOD BTW that link didnt work try this sry for spam im frustrated like **** .. https://nofile.io/f/Scmp9xaHJXz/DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt AND yes i tried with and without bash patch asis etc etc etc
  8. Thanks for your answer !! Unfortunately i only ran dyndolod without any other fnis or bash or uknow the other " patchers ", the windmill still disappears later on in the game even with dyndolod at super bottom.. I will try and do what you suggested and use tes5edit to figure stuff out , hopefully ill figure this **** out drivin me crazy yo ! weird that a windmill dissappearing for me is worse than the game ctd randomly at solitude area LOL. ill test some **** and come back !
  9. OK SO ONE SMOOTH QUESTION YO MAN DUDE IS IT LEGIT TO HAVE DYNDOLOD.ESP AT SUPER ABSOLUTE BOTTOM ??? I MEAN , i think i experience more ctd havin it at absolute bottom like after bash patch asis and yeah so is this super safe ??? well obviously in my case it isnt but , like i just wanna know uknow , what do you recommend of the load order between ONLY these mods mine is as follows ( only a few ) FNIS Bash patch ASIS Dual shealth Redux Dyndolod is this from anyones experience right ? or should i re-order this order , originally dyndolod have to be before FNIS like above it , but if i do the solitude red windmill disappears........... lol.... **** cant play skyrim this weekend either sad.
  10. Yepp that fixed it , **** i feel kinda dumb now sad..........
  11. Well , i just put DYNDOLOD above the following mods and it worked: Dual sheath redux , Bashed Patch , Asis , No more dragon lods , the great equalizer. So like right now dyndolod is at the absolute bottom in right pane load order in MO and this seems to be working ! for now... ???? ill force the game to crash outside solitude again and check it out.
  12. Hello ! So , i followed the " SRLE Legendary dragonborn extended guide " and i am super excited bout stuff , i ran around skyrim nearly no ctd !! swear down , now , when i entered the outsides of solitude i could see the windmill at first , the game just ctd'd ( it ctd'd because all these years of skyrim modding it crashes outside of solitude the most ) so , this is actually pretty normal for me.. Cause next time i launch skyrim i can walk around that area with player.setav speedmult 1000 and it wont crash until i run around for 3 mins straight forcing it to crash so, but yeah so the game crashed right, and when i booted up skse again the windmill just dissappeared..... lol ? i mean , i didnt edit my load order , run loot , run relinker , tes5edit wrye bash asis anything , i simply started the game , ran around skyrim until i came to solitude and saw the red windmill , walked around solitude for another 1 min , it ctd , i started skryrim a second time , windmill gone... ( JUST TO LET YOU KNOW , these last weeks i been super duper extra mega payin attention to everything regarding modding , swear down i did stuff right !!!!!! like u have no idea i uninstalled ALL mods at one point , even reinstalled windows no joke , did super nice install like i really know i did !! i have ran dyndolod like 20 - 30 times made bash patches over and over load order in smooth order n stuff ..... unchecked the " let mod organizer handle archives " , tried -3 light , tried high settingsd ,med , low , tried well.. pretty much everything tbh... so now im crawling into this forum super exhausted and hope i can FINALLYLLL play skyrim this weekend.... THANKS FOR ANY HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again i swear down i did it right .... i think...... i know , hope...... My rig : evga geforce gtx 1080 ti ftw3 i5 6600k 32 gig ram corsair something superclocked or something 3 ssd's samsung evo 860 , 850 EVO lots of fans .... yeah ty again !!!
  13. Hello again.. So, im at this step where it says " Bash Tag Update Required: DelevGraphicsInventNamesRelevStatsFor mod: [Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery)] what do i do ? i guess i gotta do something with wrye bash maybe ? Anyone got a quick tutorial on this ? have i missed the tutorial already ?? ALSO , if someone could help with this.... When , i enabled Onetweak i get stutters ingame no matter where i am , my fps is capped at 58 with nvidia inspector , i had that skyrimprefs edit " fullscreen something to 0 " but game stutters mad ingame with onetweak enabled :/ i also tried with , and without enb..
  14. So i re watched the srle extended guide, and i saw he wrote that all the "core" files are like must have mods wich is part of the guide.. do i rly need the Onetweak mod ? Im not going to run it in borderless window mode cuz i think my 1080ti can handle it , i hope atleast.. And also, will borderless fullscreen mode decrease quality in any way? Im running skyrim on 2k res on my asus pg279q.. And one last thing, when i was installing critter fixes mod i had an option to install 101bugs willow mod patch, just to realize that the whole guide didnt have this mod included as an download option.. now ive always played skyrim with that mod mods adding more creatures and critters anyone got an idea why they did not include 101bugs in the guide ? Thanks !!!
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