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Weird conflicting FormID:s



I have a weird problem in my current Fallout New Vegas build. As you can see from the screenshot, the formid 22000ADD is used for the NPC willow.


At the same time that 22000ADD is also used for a cell:


Will this cause problems in my playthrough? Can I fix this somehow? I think that cell record somehow originated in the ILO - NWinteriors patch, but I'm not sure, since I've literally merged tens of different plugins by hand into "cut merge.esp".

I have never seen this happen before.

Can I safely change the form ID of the N9Comm cell into something else?

Or just delete it seeing that all those placed objects are just lights?

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N9Comm in my system is Cell\Block 1\Sub-Block 8\1C000ADD in D.E.I.M.O.S.esm and ILO Merged.esp so did you perhaps merge these mods into Cut Merged.esp by mistake? To me it looks as if the 22000ADD CELL record is coming from a mod that shouldn't be merged into the Cut Content Merged mod and this is why you have a conflict with the FormIDs, so I think you should delete Cut Merged.esp and redo the merge.

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