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Processing all records that meet a condition





I'm trying to future out how to process all records that meet some condition.  It seem like I should be able to use a custom filter and the Process function but so far that doesn't seem to work. It applies the custom filter then stops.  Here is the example test code:

unit ApplyCustomScripted;

function Filter(e: IInterface): Boolean;
  Result := GetElementNativeValues(e, 'Record Header\Record Flags\Shield') <> 0;

function Initialize: Integer;
  FilterConflictAll := False;
  FilterConflictThis := False;
  FilterByInjectStatus := False;
  FilterInjectStatus := False;
  FilterByNotReachableStatus := False;
  FilterNotReachableStatus := False;
  FilterByReferencesInjectedStatus := False;
  FilterReferencesInjectedStatus := False;
  FilterByEditorID := False;
  FilterEditorID := '';
  FilterByName := False;
  FilterName := '';
  FilterByBaseEditorID := False;
  FilterBaseEditorID := '';
  FilterByBaseName := False;
  FilterBaseName := '';
  FilterScaledActors := False;
  FilterByPersistent := False;
  FilterPersistent := False;
  FilterUnnecessaryPersistent := False;
  FilterMasterIsTemporary := False;
  FilterIsMaster := False;
  FilterPersistentPosChanged := False;
  FilterDeleted := False;
  FilterByVWD := False;
  FilterVWD := False;
  FilterByHasVWDMesh := False;
  FilterHasVWDMesh := False;
  FilterBySignature := True;
  FilterSignatures := 'ARMO';
  FilterByBaseSignature := False;
  FilterBaseSignatures := '';
  FlattenBlocks := False;
  FlattenCellChilds := False;
  AssignPersWrldChild := False;
  InheritConflictByParent := False; // color conflicts
  FilterScripted := True; // use custom Filter() function


function Process(e: IInterface): integer;
	AddMessage(GetElementEditValues(e, 'FULL'));


If I want to preform some action on all shields or all axes only what is the best way to do that.

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It turns out my example from above does work. Originally I had the "Result := 1;" at the end of the "Initialize" function like so many examples show. By removing it the test script does exactly what I expected it to do. It sets a filter for all shield records then list the name of all shields to the log.


A return value other then 0 from Initialize, Process, or Finalize indicates an error which causes the script to stop. So I'm not sure why that's at the end of the Initialize function in example filter scripts.

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