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  1. Is where a list of command line switches somewhere?
  2. What is the easiest way to check for an item in the FormList? Do I need to integrate over the list and check each item or is there a simpler way?
  3. Once I have made changes to a plugin or created a new plugin using a script how do I save the changed or new file? Is this where I would use FileWriteToStream or is there an easier way?
  4. Thank you. I would have never figured that out on my own. I wish I could find more well annotated examples of how to do various common tasks. I discovered that RecordByEditorID() will not return an ARMO or FLST so I have to use MainRecordByEditorID(GroupBySignature(skyrim, 'ARMO'), 'ArmorDaedricShield') for example. Also I discovered that if the FormList has no item then formids := ElementByName(formList, 'FormIDs') will return null and SetEditValue( ElementAssign(formids, HighInteger, nil, False), Name(weapon) ) fails. I tried using formids := Add(formList, 'FormIDs', true). It worked but I end up with a null item in the list. Is there a way to add an empty FormIDs to the FormList?
  5. Lets say I have this: pluginFile := FileByIndex('My Plugin'); weapon := RecordByEditorID(pluginFile, 'MyWeapon'); formList := RecordByEditorID(pluginFile, 'MyFormList'); So I have an IInterface for a weapon and an IInterface for a FormList. How do I add the weapon to the formList?
  6. It turns out my example from above does work. Originally I had the "Result := 1;" at the end of the "Initialize" function like so many examples show. By removing it the test script does exactly what I expected it to do. It sets a filter for all shield records then list the name of all shields to the log. A return value other then 0 from Initialize, Process, or Finalize indicates an error which causes the script to stop. So I'm not sure why that's at the end of the Initialize function in example filter scripts.
  7. Hello. I'm trying to future out how to process all records that meet some condition. It seem like I should be able to use a custom filter and the Process function but so far that doesn't seem to work. It applies the custom filter then stops. Here is the example test code: unit ApplyCustomScripted; function Filter(e: IInterface): Boolean; begin Result := GetElementNativeValues(e, 'Record Header\Record Flags\Shield') <> 0; end; function Initialize: Integer; begin FilterConflictAll := False; FilterConflictThis := False; FilterByInjectStatus := False; FilterInjectStatus := False; FilterByNotReachableStatus := False; FilterNotReachableStatus := False; FilterByReferencesInjectedStatus := False; FilterReferencesInjectedStatus := False; FilterByEditorID := False; FilterEditorID := ''; FilterByName := False; FilterName := ''; FilterByBaseEditorID := False; FilterBaseEditorID := ''; FilterByBaseName := False; FilterBaseName := ''; FilterScaledActors := False; FilterByPersistent := False; FilterPersistent := False; FilterUnnecessaryPersistent := False; FilterMasterIsTemporary := False; FilterIsMaster := False; FilterPersistentPosChanged := False; FilterDeleted := False; FilterByVWD := False; FilterVWD := False; FilterByHasVWDMesh := False; FilterHasVWDMesh := False; FilterBySignature := True; FilterSignatures := 'ARMO'; FilterByBaseSignature := False; FilterBaseSignatures := ''; FlattenBlocks := False; FlattenCellChilds := False; AssignPersWrldChild := False; InheritConflictByParent := False; // color conflicts FilterScripted := True; // use custom Filter() function ApplyFilter; end; function Process(e: IInterface): integer; begin AddMessage(GetElementEditValues(e, 'FULL')); end; end. If I want to preform some action on all shields or all axes only what is the best way to do that.
  8. Thank you. That's very helpful. Where can I find more information on xEdit scripting?
  9. Shield records have several attributes that clearly identify them as shield but there is nothing in the filter window to filter by any of those attributes. Is there a more advanced filter method that would allow me to filter for shields only?
  10. I tried creating an empty mod folder in MO2 and saving the new empty mod there but that didn't help. I tried it on another computer and still CK crashes on trying to save anything when running it from MO2. Has anyone else had this problem? For that matter is anyone using CK with MO2 without issues?
  11. When creating a new mod the first thing I do after loading the masters is save the empty file to create my active mod. That's usually instantaneous. However I though it my be just taking a long time so I let it go for about an hour while I went to get some lunch. When I cam back it was still frozen. It seems that other people are not having this issue so I'm hopping is just some setting but I have no clue what to look for.
  12. If I run CK thru MO2 when I try to save a mod in it just freezes. If I run CK directly I don't have any issues. Has anyone else had it issue? Any ideas what might be causing the problem?
  13. It looks like the only way to stop that window from popping up every time is to choose the new button and then choose your game. It will create a set of folder and an ini file under "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\{gamefolder}". Then in MO you can set the location of the data folders where ever you like. The ini will always be in the user folder. That's also where you would put categories.dat.
  14. What you are saying is the complete opposite of everything thing else I have read including the S.T.E.P. guide that says: Install into any folder outside User Account Control (the game's main directory is recommended).And the video from Gopher shows all files installed in A ModOrganizer folder in the the Skyrim main folder. That is how I did it and Mod Organizer was automatically setup to manage Skyrim SE as all the instructions say it will. But, I'm not taking about the game that MO is setup to manage. I'm talking about data files (mods, downloads, profiles, configuration, etc). Every time I start MO I get this screen: If I select Portable then my data folder are in the ModOrganizer folder where I want them. If I select New it will create a folder in "C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local" where I don't want them. Of course that does allow different local users to have a different setup but I neither need nor want that. In Gopher video he has the data folder in him MO folder and he don't get the "Choose Instance" popup when he starts MO. Is the new to MO2? Is there some kind of setting that will stop this from popping up every time I start MO2?
  15. I installed mod organizer in my skyrim SE folder and but now every time I start Mod Organizer the "Choose Instance" window pops up with "New" and "Portable" options. Since I want to use the the location where Mod Organizer is installed I choose Portable but it now asked me every time. Now can I fix this?
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