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Enboost VideoMemorySize Maximum?





I am setting up Enboost and specifically the VideoMemorySizeMB value in enblocal.ini


I have Windows 10 with 16 GB DDR4, and 4 GB VRAM.


I ran the Vram direct X 9 test and got 12160. I subtracted 350 for a final value of 11810.


From listening to various videos on ENB setup, some say that the max value for this setting is 10240 MB.


My question is, should I set mine to 11810 or drop it down to 10240, or does it not matter?


Thank you

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I would drop it to 10240 just to be safe. I doubt it really matters in the big scheme of things because you're unlikely to use this much VRAM unless perhaps you found a source of ginormous meshes and textures somewhere. I wouldn't expect the game to use much more than 4.5 to 5GB VRAM at the outside as a somewhat conservative estimate.

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