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  1. Sometimes I hide textures if I want specific textures to show. Is there a way to un-hide these textures without re-installing the mod?
  2. Thanks...Its working. My load order was fine but the teal color is just very subtle with my ENB and weather mod. I expected it to be more, but on close inspection of comparison screenshots I can see that the water is in fact greener, its just hard to tell. The error in mod organizer is not relevant.
  3. Hi, So I've got a strange problem. I was modding Skyrim SE in Nexus Mod Manager and Realistic Water Two Watercolor.esp worked fine, I could see the teal water color. I made the decision to switch to Mod Organizer 2 and did a fresh game install and started re-installing my mods. When I install Realistic Water Two and before activating it, there is an error saying "plugin Realistic Water Two .esp not found" as well as "plugin Realistic Water Two - Watercolor.esp not found". Then it activates fine and the file tree appears normal. There are no conflict issues (except for the SMIM mesh I let it overwrite) and it appears to be installed correctly and load order is correct. When I launch the game through Mod Organizer and SKSE, Realistic Water Two appears to be working fine, except the Watercolor plugin has no effect. I have no idea why this happens, but not sure if its related to Mod Organizer 2 or the mod itself. I haven't noticed an issue with other mods I've installed so far. Any idea what might be wrong? Thanks
  4. This is Veydosebrom Spring + SSELODGen (contrast 60) + DynDOLOD + HD Enhanced Terrain (modified noise.dds). May switch back to golden grass and terrain but its looking pretty nice. Thanks for these excellent mods.
  5. Okay thanks, I'll do some tests. Does the game engine darken object and tree LOD made in DynDOLOD too, or is it strictly terrain?
  6. Also, do you know what brightness setting in SSELODGen would offset the darkness created by the game engine?
  7. Okay, the reason I'm asking is because when using a mod like 'HD Enhanced Terrain', this mod adds a custom noise file to make distant terrain look more realistic. It works with vanilla LOD, however, when I generate LOD and then use this noise file, the terrain and especially the snow is too dark. If I brighten up this mod's noise file much of the effect's detail is lost. Could this be resolved simply by increasing the brightness of LOD generated in SSELODGen? Does the game engine uniformly darken all types of LOD terrain (snow, grass, water)? Thanks
  8. Why does SSELODGen make the terrain darker than the loaded cell terrain? I know you can use the adjusted noise.dds to fix this, but why is it even necessary (and why is the original vanilla noise.dds darker)?
  9. Here's some shots with SSELODGen terrain and DynDOLOD high settings. Its looking pretty good now but I think I may switch to a darker green/brown terrain color to help grass blend better with the terrain textures. The grass pop-in on cell load is more noticeable and jarring if the terrain underneath is much lighter in color than the grass. So I think I can get it looking very nice if the terrain and grass blend well and give the illusion that distant terrain is covered in grass. I'm also going to switch to Ultra Trees as my performance is stable. I also have about 80 different mods installed and I haven't noticed any texture flicker to do with large references so far, even though I have the large reference system turned on. B
  10. Should I let ELFX overwrite DynDOLOD Resources SE? Also I let DynDOLOD Resources SE overwrite SSE Particle Patch for ENB, is this correct?
  11. Well, here is my generated terrain. With the adjusted vanilla noise texture, the terrain LOD matches the loaded cell terrain very well. The light and dark areas are from ENB cloud shadows. Later I will regenerate the LOD with lower resolutions to see if there is a difference and save some performance. The next step I would like to take is figuring out how to edit the tundra textures so that they match the grass in loaded cells, like what T4gtr34um3r did in Terrain LOD Redone. He gave me some tips on how he did it, by taking screenshots of the tundra ground to bake the grass into the tundra LOD. Do you think you will find a way to auto-generate this? I also need to generate tree/object LOD with DynDOLOD, which will make things look much better.
  12. Well I did my first terrain LOD generation and received no errors. Took 42 min with an i7 7700k and the filesize is very large, 18.8 GB. Though only about 5 gb compressed as .zip archive. Is this normal for higher resolutions? Settings used: LOD4: quality 5, 1024/1024 LOD8: quality 10, 512/512 LOD16: quality 10, 512/512 LOD32: quality 15, 512/512
  13. Thanks for these answers. I have read the Read-me but I get confused as I'm not very familiar with some of the terms used. I guess I need to look them up in more detail. With the command line question, I am trying to set the output folder to somewhere other than the default path. But I don't have Mod Organizer, so I am asking if it can be done alternatively by creating a shortcut for SSELodgen, going to shortcut properties and placing the arguments in the target field. Anyhow I think I have a good enough understanding now and should experiment for myself.
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