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"Multiple Masters" error sorting masters in xEdit



Ok so long time user of step packs, first need to post which am sure this has been answered before but my search came back negative so am sure someone has the answers I need here.


The problem comes from the fact that i've merge the FWE Main and DLCs esps into one so used Wrye Flash to Edit Masters ended up with 4 of the same master in the file header and so when I come to sorting masters I get this error on my UUF3P-FWE patch, although I've done this before I have successfully removed masters in xedit 'right click' remove in header without causing a crash on startup.


This time I need some help and now it has me questioning my previous method so is there a safer way to do this and of course any more info needed just ask.

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Seems like Mator has the exact answer but just in case, in Wrye Bash my uuf3p - fwe patch.esp has 4 FO3wanderersMain+DLCs.esp (merged main esp + all FWE DLC patches) as masters, which means I can't sort masters in FO3edit. I also can't remove three of the masters in fo3edit because of a crash reading plugins (FO3 loads but main menu never appears) but I can play without trying to remove the masters.


Anyway I just wanted to ask and see if anybody else has came across this before and if Mator's answer is the best one then it's not much trouble to rebuild my fo3 mod list.

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