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  1. Yes my GTX 580 has 1.5gb and without enboost I can *only* get from red rocket to the brahmin being sucked dry by the bloodbugs (about 15secs) before ctd tested multiple times using nvinspector's monitoring, it's like clockwork. With enboost I get avg 45-55fps outside using 1920x1080 w/ HBAO TAA but UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=true in enblocal, it's a good trade off because i've had 0 stutter so far. SSE must be similar so i'd defintely be ensuring enboost is working efficiently and VideoMemorySizeMb=2560 is set correctly.
  2. Would anybody know which line number to edit in bash_default.ini (np++ of course.) to add f4se which i've renamed to Fallout4Launcher.exe to circumvent steam updating whenever it likes to the executable at v bottom of WB window? Had a search on google and couldn't find surprisingly I thought it would be a relatively common faq topic unless i've missed the obvious.. This is how I look right now, no f4se but like I say, f4se.exe renamed falloutlauncher.exe can I edit bash_default.ini directly to change one of the icons beside fallout4.exe maybe?
  3. You probably know this already but extract the four files into your main mod organizer directory, delete the extra usvfs file in same directory to be sure mo won't automatically use it. Think its called usvfs_proxy.exe minus the _x86 or _x64. Sorry for the late reply.
  4. For some reason I thought ME was 1st person, doubly disappointed now since my fo4 vr setup is running out of texture memory.. i'm in serious need of a good first person game to test it out properly that I don't have to use enboost with since tridef will not install local files and won't chain d3d dll. Oh well..
  5. That's what I thought. Also ALOT of textures has been uploaded recently and installs cooperatively with MEUITM using an installer called MEM, you don't know if that is texmod under a new name do you?
  6. Just decided to install ME for my vr thingie and I noticed MEUITM has been updated as of 1st of Jan so anyway, new textures yet possibly lower texture size. Since i'm installing for vr and only have gtx 580 this is my route, 2k will be enough i reckon.
  7. Do you have the updated usvfs library for mo2? If not you need to join the mo2 discord the link is on this page, under popular repositories. I'm pretty sure thats a usvfs error.
  8. Hi everyone didn't even notice that this topic existed when I first started posting so since it popped up in recent posts thought i'd pop in and see whats up. I have a little experience with software and hardware (20 or so years.. imagine most people here have similar) and thought I might be able to help others while getting some tips myself, although I only started modding bethesda games properly after skyrim came out, I knew of mods when oblivion was out and think I might have installed unofficial patches or qaxes texture pack but for me the community appeared after Skyrim was released.. nowadays I mod all bethesda games, even tinker with Morrowind for the experience occasionally and still think its attractive for its age, probably the open world aspect for me. At the moment i've only just found cardboard vr so have been working through getting fo4 up to scratch. Realised that tridef doesn't support mo2 or enb today so I installed my mods manually and fired it up, only to find that fallout is just as finicky as Skyrim to run without either a f4se memory patch or enboost so a little disappointed right now but yea..
  9. Seems like Mator has the exact answer but just in case, in Wrye Bash my uuf3p - fwe patch.esp has 4 FO3wanderersMain+DLCs.esp (merged main esp + all FWE DLC patches) as masters, which means I can't sort masters in FO3edit. I also can't remove three of the masters in fo3edit because of a crash reading plugins (FO3 loads but main menu never appears) but I can play without trying to remove the masters. Anyway I just wanted to ask and see if anybody else has came across this before and if Mator's answer is the best one then it's not much trouble to rebuild my fo3 mod list.
  10. Just tested generating tags with USSEP and I got this output : Is that successful or not?
  11. Just wondering if there's any inherent flaw using Bash Tagger and then finish with a bashed patch after generating the tags? Is there a version of Wrye Bash that is best for doing this with SSE? Any help would be fantastic.
  12. Its just as I say, after simply deleting them with xedit I get a crash and I don't think removing records would work either since i'm still using the records I just want to change the master dependancy.
  13. Yea it does occasionally take an absolute age to diagnose problems, if only you could get it working with deferred rendering off/speed hack no graphics then reshade would compensate a bit for a lack of enb. If you ever feel like trying different drivers it's just a case of downloading display driver uninstaller, restart safe mode, make sure AMD drivers selected and click clean and restart then you can install new drivers so not too much of a chore. Maybe Google amd drivers enb and hopefully you can find a set that works. Oh sorry you have gtx 1050ti that is a puzzle in that case, it's usually amd graphics that have strange issues with enb. Sorry couldn't help you more.
  14. And make sure to have restarted at least once since you noticed you had the problem since some problems can only be fixed with a quick restart, basically you're being the doctor of a patient with a unknown condition so these things take time..
  15. Suppose that's a generic answer from creator of enb but just make sure in your task manager you only have essential tasks running, if you don't know what something is then google the file name. Guessing you know what crapware is..? I close every running task and don't even leave my virus checker running in background when gaming, only thing I do leave on is firewall, I even end intel software. So make sure things like Windows Defender is closed completely just to be safe. Sounds like you have already cleaned up crapware but always best to double check just beforehand. If you have any trouble post a screenie of task manager to be sure.. Make sure all drivers are updated not just graphics so sound and system drivers as well. If you have the newest, try an older one/graphics only. Very occasionally there are small incompatibilities with individual games. Then try disable the skyrim.ini tweaks for enb and the deferred rendering. Then try UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false to be sure and if still the same try without the direct3d9.dll in skyrim folder completely. Post back with results. EDIT Things installed are completely fine, just close everything. I have 32 active processes when gaming and under 1gb of system memory used before I start MO or skyrim, just to be sure nothing can interfere.
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