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Blocky/Low-Res Makeup Fix Suggestions

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Hello! I hope this is the correct place to put this. If not, I apologize and I invite anyone to tell me where it would be more appropriate.


I have completed STEP and I'm getting ready to (finally) start playing! However, I noticed the makeup is blocky and low-res when I'm in character creation. I made sure to modify my SKSE.ini with the line iTintTextureResolution=2048 so I know it should work theoretically.

I am currently using WSCO for females per STEP and no other body/texture mods. I did have Better Makeup by Diehardt installed briefly which seemed to work for the eyeliner/eye shadow but not the lips. It is possible I did not download the correct file(s).
Does anyone have a suggestion for something I might be able to try or do differently? There isn't a mod specifically for this in STEP so I was wondering if maybe this was a problem exclusively on my end. Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated!
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Never mind, I ended up fixing my problem on my own. I needed (I think) both the Face Makeup file and the Lip file from Diehardt's mod. Installed both and the textures are now seamless.


Sorry for the waste of time! Feel free to delete this unless you (the mods) think it would be helpful for anyone else. Thanks again for this amazing resource!

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It's been helpful to me ;) I had the same issue and I found a bit vexing that despite using 30 GB worth of hi-res textures my character's lips were so pixelated, so thanks for pointing towards a solution. Just installing the Hi Res Female Lips for SKSE file from the Better Makeup mod solved the issue. Maybe it would be worth adding in a future STEP release.

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