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  1. Thank you so much! I ended up putting the MO2 folder in the same folder I was using for Programs/Skyrim Tools created during an earlier step in your guide per someone's suggestion. Does it cause any problems by being in AppData? I was inclined to put it elsewhere due to GrantSP's post but I haven't seen any posts elsewhere that say it has caused problems. Maybe I was searching for the wrong criteria. Either way, I'd like to be safe. I reinstalled MO2 and checked the nxmhandler.exe. I had not changed anything except where I put the archived files upon downloading then went to download a mod off the Nexus just to test it. Worked perfectly. Showed up in MO2 AND in the correct folder. I'm so stoked, guys, thanks so much.
  2. I just tried to reinstall this and MO2 doesn't give me the option of choosing WHERE I want to install it. It automatically wants to instal itself to my AppData folders and I cannot fathom why.
  3. Just real quick, @GrantSP, I am attempting to follow Tech's SSE guide which instructs placing MO2 in the game folder. Now this might be a stupid question, but it won't harm anything if I follow your recommendation, correct?
  4. At this point would it be better to reinstall it? Or is it as easy as drag-and-drop? I know that STEP is big on "clean" which is why I'm asking.
  5. It appears as though MO2 will not download mods from the Nexus via "Mod Manager Download" button. I believe this is user error and not necessarily a failure to function properly on MO2's part. I may have installed MO2 incorrectly. It seemed to differ a little bit from MO in that it did not install to the folder I made for it in my SSE directory, nor did it ask where I wanted it to go. At the time, I was following a guide but it must have been outdated because the instructions didn't match up with my own experience. One thing I'm sure of is that it DID give me a prompt asking whether or not I would like to use NXM links, and I'm pretty sure (about 90%) that I hit yes. What I ended up doing was unpacking all of the MO2 files/folders from the archive into the folder I created in the SSE directory, thinking maybe I knew what was best. Unbeknownst to me, however, it appears as though MO2 created a separate folder in AppData/Local. Preliminary Google searches suggested running the nxmhandler.exe that came with MO2. I did this but I admit that I don't know what I'm doing or supposed to do. Another post elsewhere said, essentially, "Yeah, man, this happens. Just download manually and throw it in your MO2 Downloads folder." I can do that, for sure. I'd just like to know if I broke something and if I can fix it first. (I'm all over the map with this modding process, I'm sorry. Thank you for your help and your patience. I do truly appreciate it.) EDIT: I did refer to this post too. When I check the MO ini, it has the correct game and path listed. If that makes a difference.
  6. I highly recommend videos by Gopher and GamerPoets. The STEP guide provides links to a few videos by both authors; they offer a lot of information and make certain aspects of the modding process easy to understand with easier to follow instructions. As a visual learner, they were invaluable to me when I was struggling with the written instructions.
  7. Thank you both. I guess it worked perfectly (ish) the first time and just decided to be quirky this time around. I did as you both suggested and that seems to be working! On to the next small fire!
  8. @GSDFan I want to make sure I am understanding you. I should: 1. Copy the dirty master file 2. Paste in MO's Overwrite folder 3. Clean the dirty master file 4. Create a new/clean mod I think I am misunderstanding because it sounds like I will still be missing an ESM from the Data folder. Which, if I am being honest, doesn't make sense to me if I am understanding the STEP instructions correctly. Skyrim is currently installed on an SSD drive. According to the instructions, the cleaned master should be in my Data folder after cleaning them. Is it possible this part is outdated or does this only work if MO is also installed on a SSD? EDITED: Also, could I not just drop the cleaned master file back into the Data folder and skip the Overwrite step altogether? Thank you for taking the time to assist me and I apologize if I seem dimwitted; at this point I'm just trying to make sure I understand everything clearly.
  9. Thank you, @GSDFan. I'll try that when I get home from work.
  10. Hello, STEP team. I'm really frustrated and I could really use some help. I am attempting to repeat the entire STEP process because I messed up at some point when I was doing it the first time but couldn't determine where, when or how. However, after reverting Skyrim to its vanilla state and reinstalling everything from the beginning, I find that I'm having trouble right out of the gate and I'm about to uninstall Skyrim out of impotent rage and just go back to WoW (frightening, I know). All I'm trying to do is clean my master files. I cleaned the Update.esm with no issue and made a new mod in MO via the Overwrite folder just as I did the first time. When I attempted to do the same for the Dawnguard.esm, the Unmanaged: Dawnguard "mod" disappeared from the left pane in MO. This is important for two reasons: 1. This didn't happen the first time. 2. The STEP instructions tell me to place the Clean ESM under the Unmanaged/Non-MO mod. If it doesn't exist, how can I accomplish this? It may be worth mentioning that the first time I did this, I merged the cleaned masters in one "mod" in MO without any issues, seen here. I have also noticed that xEdit is not placing a backups folder in my Data folder this time either. Am I doing something wrong? Am I freaking out for no reason? Please, somebody -- anybody -- help me before I lose my mind. All I want to do is kill dragons in lush forests and shout bandits off scenic cliffs with a trusty sidekick whose AI has been vastly improved.
  11. Never mind, I ended up fixing my problem on my own. I needed (I think) both the Face Makeup file and the Lip file from Diehardt's mod. Installed both and the textures are now seamless. Sorry for the waste of time! Feel free to delete this unless you (the mods) think it would be helpful for anyone else. Thanks again for this amazing resource!
  12. Hello! I hope this is the correct place to put this. If not, I apologize and I invite anyone to tell me where it would be more appropriate. I have completed STEP and I'm getting ready to (finally) start playing! However, I noticed the makeup is blocky and low-res when I'm in character creation. I made sure to modify my SKSE.ini with the line iTintTextureResolution=2048 so I know it should work theoretically. I am currently using WSCO for females per STEP and no other body/texture mods. I did have Better Makeup by Diehardt installed briefly which seemed to work for the eyeliner/eye shadow but not the lips. It is possible I did not download the correct file(s). Does anyone have a suggestion for something I might be able to try or do differently? There isn't a mod specifically for this in STEP so I was wondering if maybe this was a problem exclusively on my end. Thank you for reading and any help would be appreciated!
  13. @Greg would you believe me if I told you that fixed everything? Because it did. I have no idea how this particular line got changed but I reverted it from 1 to 0 and all those markers are gone. Thank you and @GrantSP so much for your time! I can continue my modding now!
  14. Thank you for your quick reply, @GrantSP! I went ahead and installed Alternate Start per your suggestion and started up the game. When I load in, there still appear to be actor/action boxes. I even went ahead and chose a random start (Hunting in the woods) and saw the same thing. Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 I feel like this might be an ini issue but I have nothing to base this on except my inexperience with ini files.
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