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A purple texture and an invisible texture

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Hi, could someone help me troubleshoot two textures please.


The first texture is purple, it is the face texture of the "Asian 40 1", "Asian 40 2", "Asian 50 1", and "Asian 50 2", face presets.


The next texture is invisible, when I wear the "Wasteland Rancher Outfit" my legs disappear.


Any ideas?

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Actually, it's not just you. I have a fix for you:



Just overwrite the contents of your FCO installation folder. Alternatively, the Bashed patch might solve all issues as well - if I remember correctly, it did it for me, though I'm not 100% sure (it was long ago).


While at it, you might also install this FCO expansion as a separate mod (it works fine for me):



And lastly, I believe that the Wasteland Rancher Outfit comes from Spice of Life (maybe?). Anyhow, "invisible legs" usually means that you have two pieces of clothing occupying the same body slot and negating each other. Try unequipping everything but said outfit and see if it helps.

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