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ENBoost negating INI Tweaks?


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I've been following the F&L Guide up to the part where I had to install ENBoost. Everything was peachy, NVSE working, the 4 GB patcher apparently working and through BethINI I edited the .inis. The most noticeable effect of the tweaking was the quick boot of the main menu.


However, after installing ENBoost and getting it to work (evident by the text in the main menu) it seems to have screwed up the INI tweaks (and maybe other things as well). Thus far there are 3 issues currently:

1.  When running FalloutNV.exe through MO it always runs the launcher. When Running FallountNV.exe from the installation folder, it runs normally.

2. INI tweaks apparently do not work - booting the main menu is slow. I also feel that the resolution has changed to the default one 1280:720 (please tell me how I can check that in-game?).

3. Around 50% of the time whenever I exit FNV, I have a performance issue - the game stays listed on the taskbar for around 2 minutes.


Can someone help?


As a side note, if anyone is having issues installing ENBoost under the latest generation AMD video cards (I have an RX 460) - download the ENBoost patch as well.

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Thanks, Double You, but I think my previous post was a bit unclear. I had already ran BethINI at the point I installed ENBoost. Thus I suspect ENBoost in screwing up my MO profiles, as everything was OK beforehand.


Anyways, if anyone has ever had the same issue or will have it in the future, please try the following:

1. Re-apply the 4GB Patcher - delete the patched FalloutNV.exe and run the patch once again.

2. Switch profiles in MO and hope that this will refresh the path to FalloutNV.exe in the Tools tab. Manually "re-building" the path did not work in my case.


I did the steps above simultaneously, so no idea which one actually did the trick. Bottom line is, ENBoost is somewhat sensitive, so always try to run the game after installing it. The ENB Patch v0.203, which is not mentioned in the F&L guide, solves some issues with d3d9.dll, so use it if you have CTDs. Then hope it runs with MO. Always have at least 2 different MO profiles just in case.


Well, of to installing other MODs I go!

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