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NPC Tint Layer "Error" repeated in multiple plug-ins


I have found the following error repeated in several plug-in files, when "checking" errors in xEdit for SSE.


Layer \ TINI - Tint Index -> <Tint layer index 2 not found in NordRaceChild "Nord Child" [RACE:0002C65B]>



I believe this is really just a "phantom" problem, but I am curious, nonetheless. I have no issues with black faces or anything like that, not from what I've seen in some light testing. I have found this in multiple plug-ins from authors I respect, so that's even another reason to feel it's not a serious issue (i.e. Helgen Reborn, Cutting Room Floor, & Falskaar). That said, can anyone enlighten me on what I'm seeing? My question is really just motivated by curiosity. I use RS Children, so I'm thinking, since this is only one of those records and absolutely nowhere else do I see this, then perhaps it's resulting from xEdit not finding the "vanilla" record it expects to find? If that's true though, why wouldn't I see a ton of records for mods like UNP, Apachii Hair, etc...? Thanks to anyone for any wisdom or education on this.


-Annoyingly Curious

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RACE records hold indices for face tint layers used in NPC_ records. xEdit tries to verify them and warns if they don't exist.

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