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[Conflict Resolution] So... this is... just... well... weird


This one has me a bit puzzled. This is for SSE. I'm showing a different topic in the header for a dialogue record. I'm carrying forward some of the conditions in a patch, but I've not come across items with a conflicting difference in the header. I'm not sure if this is indicative of anything or not. Below are two screenshots to show the conflict. Has anyone seen this kind of thing before or know what it means, if anything?


First screen shot: Shows the top of the conflicting record. My patch is on the far right, of course.


2nd Screen shot: Shows a couple of conflicting conditions.


I would carry this forward, but the header difference threw me, so I thought I would ask about this. Any recommendations for what one should do in such a situation?


Thanks--- tjax


Note: This is a ported copy of GDO in header version 44 via CK and the bsa is converted to the proper format for SSE. The mod is nothing but a few scripts, so by Arthmoor's post (here) I'm not under the belief this would have anything to do with it. Mod works perfectly fine so far. Just trying to CR these few records.

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It looks to me like Sofia already has a patch for GDO which fixes the issue, so you shouldn't need to patch that record.

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Thanks. I do hope the patch I made works. My question though was more at the header of the first screenshot. I marked it with it some black dots. The fact that the topic directly under the header was different with a conflict is what threw me. I've not see that before, and thought maybe something was amiss.

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