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Vanilla Skyrim fails Stability test when using MO



My problem is precisely what the topic states.


With a completely fresh install of LE Skyrim run through steam the game survives the stability test below for 5 minutes no problems. Run through a brand new download of Mod Organiser with no mods, it crashes usually within 2 minutes, sometimes it manages 4.


Using the stability test on the Skyrim Project Stability nexus page

  • Open up your save, clean(After Helgen with you mod list loaded) or your existing save.
  • Shut off all forms of autosave and DO NOT SAVE once the test is in progress.
  • Head outside in game if you aren't already.
  • Open the console and enter these commands "player.setav Speedmult 1500", "TGM" and "TCL" (TGM is godmode, just in case something goes screwey and you get killed during testing, and TCL turns collision off so you can run through the sky and speedmult should be obvious)
  • Fly around the worldspace of Skyrim for at LEAST 5 minutes, Stay within sight of the ground for best results.
  • You WILL likely stutter and freeze a bit during this test, you should NOT completely freeze or crash.
  • If you crash, then continue reading; if not then you can assume that your save is stable at the moment.


At this point I'm considering setting everything up with MO, using it's load order and copying the mods out of it's Mod folder to manually install them (because **** NMM) but I figured I'd post here first and hope this is something obvious I'm just not seeing.


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For what it's worth, I do not consider this a valid stability test of the game. Basically all this does is to floor the engine loading and rendering assets (meshes and textures) and pegs the Papyrus engine as you run through trigger points so you cannot definitively say the issue is with the mods installed, any of the patches, or any assets. The Bethesda engine is not designed to hold up under this stress so this "stability" test doesn't prove anything. If this test crashes the game using 4K landscapes but doesn't crash using 2K landscapes, does it prove the 4K landscapes are causing a problem during a regular playthrough?

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