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Fallout New Vegas 4GB Patcher (Roy Batty & LuthienAnarion)


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Discussion thread:

FNV 4GB Patch by Roy Batty - LuthienAnarion


The original FNV 4GB patcher is now deprecated and this new patcher is to be used to make FNV 4GB aware.

  • No complicated launch options needed.
  • Works with Windows Vista to Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • Works effortlessly with ENB, SweetFX and Reshade.
  • Supports US-EU-AU / DE (No Gore) / ENPLCZRU versions.
  • Automatically Loads NVSE.
  • 100% Compatible with Steam and Default Launcher.
  • Chicken and Duck friendly.

  • Legitimate version of Fallout New Vegas.
  • Steam.

  1. Place the exe in your Fallout New Vegas game folder and run it.
  2. You may need to run the patcher in admin mode.
  3. It will patch the game and make a backup of the original executable.
  4. Launch the game normally through the default launcher or steam.
  5. A batch file is created which you can use to launch the game directly if you desire, however not necessary.

  • Idea, patches - Roy Batty
  • Patcher programming - LuthienAnarion
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