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FO4 HBAO+ Bugged



So recently I have noticed that depending on what angle my camera is pointing that distant mountains would suddenly flicker to either being shadowed or un-shadowed. Took me about two hours to figure out that HBAO+ being turned on caused the issue. My only guess is it's either a driver issue or the last update to FO4 broke that setting.


Anyone else have this issue?




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I never noticed this issue but then I only put NVHBAO+ on while in the confines of Diamond City and while I like the darkening effects it just didn't suit the performance as much as I'd like it too.


I now use Tetrachromatic ENB (By Slothability) and SSAO in game with TAA and it looks almost as deep in the shadows as it did with HBAO on, with better performance.


This is just my personal findings anyway, but since I use AMD ymmv on this.

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