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Nexus.com is down?



I know that Nexus is having problems since the SSE launch but as of today, since afternoon (GMT+2) I can't even access the website at all.


I only saw one guy talking about it on the r/nexusmods Reddit, none on the r/skyrimmods Reddit (people are even talking about mods there and posting links???), none on Twitter and none here so I am a bit worried (IP ban? but why? Yes I am starting to think about this, I am crazy ^^).

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Ok, maybe they are having problem receiving some requests (from certain parts of the world?) or are blocking them deliberatly, wich I doubt.


Also maybe a DNS problem.


I failed to access nexusmods.com completely today.


Someone just replied on r/nexusmods (I figured this Reddit wasn't really alive ^^).


Thank you.

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