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VRamSizeTest tool only seeing 4GB of VRAM?



Hello everyone,


I'm not new to the STEP install process. I've done it maybe 4-5 times now (yes I enjoy formatting my PC without backing up anything).


I got my hands on a GTX 1070 recently, and formatted my PC again to avoid any issues that may arise from drivers for the old card being present. STEP Skyrim is the FIRST thing I am installing.


In any case, I noticed that the VRamSizeDX9.exe tool only reports 4064 Mb. This is far short of the 8 GB that I know the GTX 1070 has.


What would be the cause of this? And how do I remedy the situation?

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If you're on Windows 10, that is the reason. Win10 can only use 4064 for the value due to how DX9 is implemented in Win10.

Can I then expect a performance downgrade due to this?


It's rather disappointing that I can't bring the full capabilities of the GPU to bear.

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