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  1. I'm...confused. So can I make a guide on STEP or not? Obviously, I'm more than happy to slap the first few pages with nothing but NSFW notices. But maybe I'm misunderstanding one of these two posts?
  2. Greg, Thank you for your response. I guess I will have to host it somewhere else, because RSE adds so many features that changes how the game is played significantly. But before I dismiss hosting the guide here completely, I wanna know what specifically would make a mod guide prohibited on STEP? e.g., is it the linking to adult modding websites, or simply talking about it? If it's the former, would it be acceptable to provide a description of how to install the adult mods (on a separate section, describing which mods, and what the mod/load order is), but no links are provided?
  3. I have some ideas brewing in my head for a expansive mod guide for Fallout 4, in the vein of SRLE LoTD (in the sense of mod quantity). But I also wanna make it as immersive as possible, and offer players the option of using adult mods. So first, I'm wondering how I'd go about getting such a mod guide hosted on STEP. And second, I'm wondering if adult mods are allowed on STEP (primarily Realistic Salacious Encounters, which, amongst other things, feature the ability to take a **** and get taken to Pound Town by raiders).
  4. Tested with Bash All setting. It worked! Many thanks Mator, but I'm wondering what I would lose out on using Bash All instead of Smash All?
  5. What would these ARMA records be under? (e.g., like under Armor Addon?) I've deleted everything horse related under Armor (not Armor Addon), but they seem to remain invisible. I'll give Bash.All a shot.
  6. Hello, I used Mator Smash instead of Wrye Bash for my SRLE LoTD Extended install. Unfortunately, for some reason it causes all horses to be invisible, including those drawing carriages, and dead horses, etc.. See picture below: I know it is Mator Smash causing this issue, because I have another MO profile that is all identical except it uses a Bashed Patch. The horses are not invisible in those cases. What should I be looking for in the Smashed Patch records? I've tried messing around with horse records in TES5Edit, but I have no idea what would cause this issue.
  7. The instructions for IH doesn't say to delete anything. Also, I reinstalled. Still invisible.
  8. My horses are invisible for some reason...but the saddles and such remain visible. Any clues?
  9. Just a note: I replaced Wrye Bash with Mator Smash, and my game seems much more stable compared to last week when I used Wrye. Is there any consideration for using Mator Smash instead for this guide?
  10. Serana casts this cloak of bats and life drain whenever combat starts. But the problem is, said cloak also affects other followers and the player character. This eventually results in a hostile reaction from other followers. Is there any way around this?
  11. I'm not sure what specs you're looking at, but my question was if anyone here runs SRLE LoTD Extended on a laptop, what kind of laptop they have, and how their performance is. I'm running a nice desktop now. Plan to get a laptop for my temporary assignment to Japan (1 year).
  12. So a quick question. My work is shipping me off to Japan soon. I can't bring my rig with me, so I'll have to replace it with a gaming laptop temporarily. Does anyone here run SRLE LoTD Extended on a laptop? How is the performance? What laptop model are you using?
  13. Yes, you can. Bodies are just meshes. They're unlike to mess with other mods, except the mods that already add their own meshes (in which case just make sure to place your UUNP body below all other body mods in MO).
  14. So I'm doing the SRLE: LoTD build now. In the guide it says to add Bash Tags to quite a few mods. e.g., here. Does Mator Smash obey bash tags like Delev, Graphics, Invent, Names, Relev, and Stats? I Googled around and all anyone ever talks about is Delev/Relev, not the rest. Thanks!
  15. You place the plugins that you want to merge at the BOTTOM of your load order after running LOOT. So yes, after AHZmoreHUD.esp in your case. Merge Plugins requires the plugins to be sorted sequentially at the bottom. So run LOOT, manually sort your plugins at the bottom, then merge. You really only select plugins you had previously merged if you're trying to add something else to the merge. If not, you don't have to select it. In fact, you don't even have to select plugins that are irrelevant to what you're trying to merge. You only select the plugins you want to merge, plus their respective masters and dependencies. Protip: Shift+click to select all the plugins you want to merge. Press space bar to check all their boxes in one go. Right click on the multiple plugins that are now checked. Click "Select Masters". It will auto-check all the necessary masters and dependencies for your merge, unless those masters/dependencies also have other masters/dependencies of their own. In the latter case, the masters/dependencies you did not check will be highlighted in red. Just keep choosing the red plugins until the OK button is no longer greyed out (MP won't let you start merging until you have all of them selected).
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