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A few textures that need love + Possible solutions

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So, to preface, minus a different ENB I'm using the default visual setup for SR:LE and it's gorgeous. That said, there are a few things I've come across that are painfully low-rez and stick out because of how good everything else looks.


Feel free to ignore, but this is my "eyesore" list + what I recommend to fix them.





Dragon Claw Metal -- Ruins Clutter Improved

Gem claws look so good but the metal is pretty bad.


Large Nordic Tent -- Langleys Texture Workshop (dungeon file)

Mesh + texture based on Peltapalooza.

You see this all the time while camping. She also covers the small nordic tent but it looks a little off with the Campfire small tent mesh and Noble Skyrim textures it anyway.

*** The Dungeon file also covers the Dwemer Cube (kinda a significant item) and the DLC folder has Kagrumez panels + a lot of Dragonborn textures nothing in SRLE currently covers. I haven't looked at those extensively, but might be worth checking out.

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Puzzle Doors -- Ruins Clutter Improved

These deserve to be prettied up. 



Hey, sorry, hadn't been back in a few days. :)


Good find...I've taken a look in beyond compare and there's a nice change from the optimized vanilla textures..Are you using all from those two mods or just the changes you mentioned ?

From langley, I'm using:

  • Large nordic tent (mesh + texture, under architecture)
  • Kagrumez + nunchadark textures (architecture/dlc02/dungeons/dwemer)
  • dwemer cube (dungeons/dwemerruins)
  • leather hide

None of those are covered in SRLE right now except for the optimized official textures. She also has some DLC architecture that isn't covered like I said in the OP, but I haven't had time to look at it to see how it blends in. All her stuff is good imo, but it doesn't have parallax. Something to keep in mind.


For Ruins Clutter Improved, I basically installed the whole thing and then deleted anything that was overwriting my other texture packs. It makes a lot of the metal objects (doors, levers, grates etc.) look a lot better, and especially the puzzle doors. Which I think I'mma put in the OP, because those are kinda  a big deal. EDIT: OK, it seems I can't edit the OP, lol.



And what is the ENb you use may I ask ?

Personal edit based on weathers from Elder Blood ... but I'm using Aiyen's shaders because they're so performance-friendly and I'm tweaking for brighter nights + vivid weathers compatibility. It's a WIP :P

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