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  1. Wow... I really wanna try SKGE now. Water and motion blur ? Yes please !!! Does anyone have clue if this is hard to instal on a given setup ? Does it have issues ?
  2. 2) you probably have two vivid weathers McM menus, check your merges 3) deactivate frost fall no,waiting outside
  3. Can we uninstall EL mid playtrough ? And another question for those that play the game : how many follower are you using ? Are you tweaking their stats ? Thanks :)
  4. Hey, are we supposed to get all the goodies from Moon and Star at the start of the moon and star dungeon ? I feel like I started with the end of the dungeon...
  5. Thanks for the info. I'm torn because I really like some of the changes from AAE, regarding resistances and custom combat styles, but I canno't STAND the level of the NPCs... Are you guys ok with your game ? I'm level 10 atm, 20 hours in, and boy those encounters are hard... I don't really wanna play with 3 followers neither and do nothing.
  6. Well I'm just pissed now. There are too much deleveled ennemies in this game, because of AAE. I'm level 10, and I'm encountering level 30 bandits... Lvl 10 bandits are already a challenge. Can I safely remove AAE from my game ?
  7. Is there any risks to remove AAE mid playtrough ?
  8. You would need to manually edit select the records you want to modify, then use AT Quickchange to add the "PC Level Mult" flag and edit each to define the level multipliers, in the "Level" field.
  9. I'm trying to add the "PC Level Mult" to ACBS - Configuration\Flags in ASIS to all my records, with AT Quickchange, but nothing works... Anyone experienced with AT Quick Change ?
  10. I suppose yes ^^ I want the edits and offsets made by all the mods, I just want to be able to fight enemies my level all the time, so it is easier to balance.
  11. Do you guys know how any script that could force all NPC's to be on the same level as the PC ?
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