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  1. Thanks for the answers. The issue was with the "Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards" mod, which provided billboards for vanilla tundra and yellow shrubs, among other trees. After removing these files and rebuilding the LOD, the yellow trees have disappeared. I'm curious about what the ignore parameter does, though. The window dont show any explanation for it: https://ibb.co/hWhRR9P and when I tried it, the landscape didnt change. Do this parameter only applies to statics?
  2. But the billboard is inside the bsa, is from the base game. Is there a way to remove it as a rule, or do the 'pathto/filename.nif' only applies to statics?
  3. What would be the right parameter? I want to remove these yellow trees from the LOD: https://ibb.co/Jyj5s3m They are circled in red. The one circled in blue is their normal version. It seems Enhanced Landscapes dont have a green version for the shrub LOD, only for grass and terrain. So I selected "full model" for all the LOD levels in Dyndolod (LOD 4, 8 and 16), put Far Full in the "grid" option, and let "visible when distant" ticked off. Then I selected “original”, that is, to load only the original nif, not the LOD file. Still I get the same result for each tundra shrub. First I put them after the trees in the mesh rule order, then tried with them before it, still the same results. How do you remove a element in the mesh rule order? Anyone had this issue before?
  4. I started a new installation for Skyrim. In this new installation, after building and installing Dyndolod, I'm getting the message "Dyndolod requires PapyrusUtil". However, PapyrusUtil was one of the first utilities installed. I tried with PapyrusUtil 3.6b, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9, and also tried putting the scripts inside the data/Dyndolod folder. I'm still getting this same message, and Dyndolod wont start. Anyone know what kind of bug is this? https://imgur.com/0R6rLYa
  5. Thanks for the input. I solved the issue by using the following rules: It worked smoothly.
  6. I've made a retexture for the vanilla Whiterun windmill. Used a new entry, as these are separate placements. I didnt wanted to interfere with the original model. First try, using texture sets for the new colors: Second try, copied the mesh and put these textures inside the mesh, using Nifscope: Both times, I used the full model for the LOD, as seem below: If I used the standard LOD, I would not get the new textures, as it would load the LOD from the standard vanilla texture. In both times, I ran TexGen and Dyndolod. I've got the same result: Why this is happening? I ran TexGen, ran Dyndolod, ran xLodGen for the terrain (although the terrain dont have anything to do with these objects), but I'm still getting the vanilla LOD, for a object with a entire separate entry, using a different mesh, and assigned the full model for the LOD mesh in the CK. This is also happening with other vanilla objects, copied from the nordic ruins and retextured, and which passed through the same processes, also using full models for the LOD mesh in the CK. They all show the vanilla LOD when distant. This is not happening with custom meshes from other authors, though. These are running fine with retextures, even using the same meshes with texture sets. Only vanilla meshes are being affected. Is there a special rule I should put in Dyndolod for it? I tried this one below, but still got the same result:
  7. I installed Enhanced Landscapes, and proceed to remade the LOD. EL was installed on top of Skyland, changing the yellow tundra to green. I had some good results. However, something is annoying me, these snow drifts in the distance: I tried with xLodGen and got the same result: The snow drift objects are quite off, they are brighter than the snow terrain around them. How could I solve this? What rule could be applied in Dyndolod so that the snow drift would be less bright, to fit with the terrain? And if this is not possible, what rule could be applied to remove these snow drifts from the LOD?
  8. Please, can you tell me where did you find green lod textures for the Whiterun tundra? Today I've made a add-on for Verdant, which changes the tundra grass from yellow to green, and I installed green ground textures from Septentrional Landscapes to fit with it. However, Septentrional dont have a lod texture, and TexGen is not generating it from the terrain dds (I've build with 512, I'm trying higher values right now). So I get this ugly, dismaying yellow texture in the background: https://imgur.com/4MyWPYK So far, I found this lod texture in the LE section: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60215 But it is too dark, as you can see in this picture: https://imgur.com/itnD3Fp Do you know of any alternative for a green lod? It just needs to fit with the near terrain.
  9. It happens each three to five minutes, always during combat. When I use a summoning, the game freezes, and the only way to play is to kill the program and restart. Most of the time, it happens with the flame atronach. I'm clueless about it. I uninstalled and reinstalled several mods, recreated the bashed patch several times, I lost count of how many. Even rolled back 50 hours in the conjurer playthrough. Tried to pinpoint culprits: thought it was Spectraverse, then Loot and Degradation, then the Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul. None of them, the issue persists. I cant battle for more than five minutes on conjuration. Was initially using five conjurations with the bashed patch, then two, then one (the default), but still crashing. Anyone had this issue before? I'm looking for information about it. Some minutes ago I tried the following in the skyrim.ini: [Papyrus] fUpdateBudgetMS=1.6 fExtraTaskletBudgetMS=1.6 fPostLoadUpdateTimeMS=1000.0 bEnableLogging=1 bEnableTrace=0 bLoadDebugInformation=0 iMaxMemoryPageSize=8192 iMinMemoryPageSize=256 iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=8388608 But the game still freezes. Most of the information is from five years ago or older.
  10. My mistake. I had forgot to delete the previous LOD. After I deleted it, and regenerated it from scratch, the snow appeared. It seems xLOD wasn't overwriting the old files, for some unknown reason.
  11. xLODGen is not generating terrain LOD for the mod. Here is the terrain painted as white (snow01) in the CK: Here is the same terrain in the game: Its just not loading. LOD was generated with SSELODGenx64.exe.
  12. Anyone know a shortcut to hide the clouds in the Creation Kit?
  13. Just a quick question. How much do clouds impact the game performance? Both near and LOD-wise? Would the ammount of clouds in the following screenshot be too much for Skyrim to process? I tried to find a tutorial about clouds, but could not find any.
  14. It seems I'm out of luck. This is the new version with Dyndolod: https://imgur.com/2FbelDx https://imgur.com/UhSIpNc How to get rid of that line? In this screen, you can see the water flow going in two different directions: https://imgur.com/BhWuT87 Near water is flowing to the left, far water is flowing to the right. RW2 is already at the end of the load order. Obs: already tried 23407 and nothing changed. If I remove RW2, the water flows only to the left, but the line is still visible, with the far water still brighter. I installed the LOD in this order: DynDOLOD resources SE, RW2, then run TexGen and DynDOLOD. TexGen overwrote the resources mod. I removed TexGen but the issue still persists.
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