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Strange Skyrim ground textures on application of ENB



Using Vividian ENB on a STEP install, everything looks great. However, ground textures smear and stretch on application of the ENB.

I can turn it on and off and see that it is just ground textures that are doing this, and this happens to multiple textures.

You can see the effect here: https://imgur.com/a/9gYmF

After experimenting, turning off Anisotropic filtering seems to ever so slightly reduce the effect but not remove it.

Any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

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Turn off the landscape parallax under [FIX] on the enblocal.ini.

I had this problem too but there is on landscape parallax under [FIX] there are only fix for parallax bug and parallax terrain if I remember correctly. I've used Vividian Enb enblocal.ini as based and follow the SRLE guide through it
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