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Better MessageBox Controls (by ecirbaf)


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Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf

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This mod improves the interfaces of various messages and activation boxes to add functionality and consistency. Left and right keys will tab through message options. All message options are clickabe with a mouse, where as some where previously not clickable. Also extends button length, add some text highlighting, and in general cleans up and improves the interface. More detailed list of changes at the link. 


From the author of Better Dialogue Controls:


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I recommend this mod. I'm currently in the test phase of an install with 260+ mods (via bash patch) and this mod makes the task of setting up/configuration of mods in-game at the start of a new game much much easier. in general makes everything easier & faster. also I recommend the 'quickstart' mod for anyone running a game so heavily modded. gives you room to breath while configuring everything & is compatible with all my mods & does not effect any quests. likewise showracemenu spell for creating your character AFTER configuring the mods in game or testing XCE, CBBE, UNP, EEO, etc, very useful. 



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