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Inline comment in enblocal.ini



On this STEP wiki page: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Skyrim_Configuration_Settings

it says: "Comment: A remark that is entered into the INI file that has no effect other than to tell the editor what something is there for and is designated by a semicolon (;)." and an example is shown where a comment is placed like this in a line starting with semicolon.


I thought it would be okay to place a comment directly after a setting, with a few TABS between fx:

UseDefferedRendering=true ;comment

(TABS not added here)


But I find that Deffered Rendering is turned off if I do so. So if this does not work, is there another way to write a comment just after a setting in enblocal.ini?

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Windows uses a very rudimentary parser for INI files that does not support inline comments. You might be able to get away with it for numeric values, but this is a side affect of the of the parsing algorithm stopping at the first non-numeric character and is not recommended. Using line comments as outlined in the guide and stay away from inline comments to avoid issues.

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Got it! I did wonder why an inline comment after the gamma setting in skyrimprefs.ini seems to work fine (that would have been my next question). But that is explained by it being a numeric value.


Thx for your replies both of you. Much appreciated ::):

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