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PMGPMGPMGPMG Psyrim got updated! :D

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Psyrim by meathax



A total music overhaul using Psytrance/ambient trance. Psyrim 2.0 fit the atmosphere very well, and 3.0 definitely trumps its efforts by a long-shot. The amount of music has nearly doubled (or doubled in size, at least).


I've played about 4 hours with 3.0 so far and can definitely say that meathax has done well once again.



Hard to believe it's been nearly 1 year since 2.0 was released! IIRC, Psyrim was once in STEP loooong ago. But I'm not recommending it for STEP based on the reasons it was taken out. Not that it was bad, just that it was not part of STEPs goals. It definitely enhances the mood of the game though, even if you don't like psytrance/ambient trance.


As an added bonus, 2.0 is still available for download!


All the music used is under the GNU Creative Commons. Free to use.

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Even the combat music is good. The choices he made for combat fit seamlessly with the rest of the music, while still being combat-oriented type of music. Once combat is over, the switch fits nicely.


Something tells me he's a DJ. XD



Edit: Just adding more instead of making a new post.


What I really like is how some of the tracks have a vanilla music sound to them. Sometimes I'm left wondering whether it's working or not, then I realize it is.

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