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RaceMenu Equip - by Kesta


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RaceMenu Equip

I just uploaded this on nexus a couple of hours ago : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72700/?
Originally made it quickly to test the new equip animations introduced by XPMSE 3.72, and merged a recent reddit user request with it (hide headwear), which turned into a releasable something.
Allow you to :
Draw / Sheathe your weapons while in RaceMenu to check the animations.
Equip weapons (not from your inventory, they're predefined, one of each kind) in any emplacement to visualise where they're placed (for when you're adjusting / positioning the nodes), and being able to see any of the XPMSE's combination. Not that there is actually no DSR support, so the interest is limited to animations + right-hand weapons (2-handed weapons fully working).
Toggle your headwear visibility On/Off at will
Use A "Get Naked" option to remove all of your clothing (no comeback, you have to exit racemenu and re-equip your gear if you want them back ^^)
Use an "enable GearedUp" function, so you can see all of your weapons at once. This is mostly intended to check if you don't have any clipping between your multiple weapons positions. Turn it on, look at it, turn it off. If you mess too much with the others functions provided, you'll get the vanilla glitch soon enough. Edited by Kesta
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