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[FALLOUT4] A timely reminder to be wary of some mods.

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There's a lively discussion over on the Bethesda forum about the use of the *Snip tool used by some authors to make their plugins.

Basically a re-occurrence of the whole debacle with Skyrim mods early on before the Creation Kit and/or xEdit became available. Already a number of mods are being cited as causing savegame corruption and the authors are either washng their hands of the matter or saying they will redo it when the correct tools are available.


So, basically anyone that installs a mod with a plugin should weigh up if they want to risk the dangers over the alleged benefits.

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The discussion is very clear in stating ALL the xEdit versions are fine to use, with the proviso that there are a lot of new records in the FO4 plugin structure that are uknown at this point and caution should be used.

However ALL *snip versions suffer from an error in the way they save the data structure and are therefore always going to cause savegame corruption.

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