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List of mods requiring any previous Unofficial Patches and their current status regarding USLEEP

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The list of mods NEEDS YOUR CONTRIBUTION to keep it updated, so thank you in advance!



The intention is to provide an extensive list in one place, just for reference, about the situation of the mods that previously required any of the Unofficial Patches and their current status. 
It will be updated daily, for at least 3 months from now, or until it can be considered unnecessary.


STEP's users: It acts just like a general reference, you have to still visit mod's author page and read any guideline here, in order to get the lastest news for each mod.


Editing mods with TES5EDIT: I strongly recommend using matortheeternal new script to edit and swap masters for any mod not officially updated to USLEEPhttps://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71316/?


(theoretically any mod can be edited now succesfully, but still will keep the TES5EDIT's section in the list if any info need to be considered).



You have two ways of adding information into the list:


1. Adding notes in the spreadsheets (link), later I would check them and included in the list.

2. Posting here any new information, later I would check them and included in the list as well.

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch List of mods requiring any previous Unofficial Patches and their current status regarding USLEEP:






This list will be updated and published in the Afk Mods forums as well, since eventually will have mods not allowed here in S.T.E.P., so in order to avoid any conflict, I recommend to provide information there for those mods.


Link to the thread in Afk Mods's post: 



Any advice is welcome.
Kudos, Electronauta.



IMPORTANT: the only way I was able to share it here, was through a link to my google documents.  The document there has enabled comments, to anyone having the link.


I apologize for any misspelling, since english is not my first language, feel free to correct me.

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