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  1. Hello everybody, hope you are doing great. Im busy right now doing the last adjustments to my modded SSE, full guide and some mods I like on top of it. My first mistake was not being aware that those esl files doesnt count for the 255 limit, so now Im unmerging some of my owns merges to use them loose and including a few more since I have the slots for it. But, concerning the guide itself, i have two questions because my eternal pursuit of perfomance, since Im using a RX 580 4 gb: 1) Does someone used the Grass FPS booster mod?: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/20082?tab=files It has a pretty clear walktrough, how to make it work with Verdant, so wondering if can get some extra fps for it. 2) Now, the second one question is a tricky one, because involve reinstalling Enhanced Vanilla Trees, and any lod/patch necessaries, for two reasons, the first is that I really dont like the extremely crowded view of the Whiterun landscape, so I want to install the smallest trees that comes with the mod, and second want to save a few vram mb in the process, but in my efforts I ended up with some trees supposely covered with snow showing the infamous purple missing texture thing, and no matter how I tried to re install the mod, always those tress were affected, while all others were just fine, at least the ones I could find around. Can a merciful soul could give me some instructions how to proper install the enhanced vanilla trees and proper lods for smaller trees?, and then also: do I have to keep not using the [Lexys LOTD Billboards] and the [beyond Skyrim - Bruma Tree LOD billboards] if I use the smaller version? Thanks in advance, and what amazing guide, and how much work from everyone involved, really, this community never stop amazing with their generosity in time and talents. Kudos.
  2. Hi everybody. I need some advice from Radeon users as me, about what settings should be used. First, have to say that I just finished the guide and then in game played around going here and there, I did not use a fps counter, but so far the game felt smooth but still can be improved, so want to ask for advice about ENB and Radeon settings: Long time not modding Skyrim, and first time playing SSE. 1) What setting at the ENB can help with a better frame rate?, I ve heard that DOF off could do it, but that is. Have been looking for advices about enblocal.ini and enblocalseries.ini, so I can get the best of it. 2) What settings in the AMD Settings?, and what is more important, those setting should point to SSE exe or SKSE or both? Would be thankful for any advice, thanks in advance.
  3. Spartanflame, I'm gonna be honest with you: in my years modding Skyrim, Dyndolod had many times problems and many others runs smooth, every time I had a problem, I delete the files previously generated and even restarted my system, Dyndolod can be a demanding software that along with many hours using the system can lead to issues, not an expert advise here from me, I know, but maybe helps. BTW: many times that happened something somehow similar to me doing this helped in a number of cases. Kudos
  4. Hello everybody, one question to all out there: I have been opening all the .esp needed to convert 44 in WryeBash prior to use CK because I wanted to check if any has an none esm as a master, using "list master functionality", but so far and at the end of the guide now, I've not needed to esmify any. Am I missing something here? Or the instructions are there just in case?, thank for the help, people :)
  5. Hello people, Hi Lexy, hope you are doing great along with your loved ones, you rock as usual. Questions for anyone out there, after 2 years of pause playing Skyrim (rl and Lotro kept me busy), now Im back, but with a humble card, the rx580, 4 gb, so Im choosing downgraded versions of all mods whenever is possible. 1) Legacy Of The Dragonborn - High Resolution Textures: how much stress those textures put on a system?, I dont remember this as a thing, since they are or should be only artifacts and not buildings or entire places. Any experience on it?, I know I can ask in the mods page at Nexus, but I rather prefer to do it here. 2) Veydosebrom - Grasses and Groundcover: is not available at the link, it seems the author has again hide it... should be ok to install the LE edition, edite with CK and then run nif optimizer?, any experience with it?, it seems that DarkLadyLexy prefers it over Verdant, which btw I dont know if is a valid alternative, since there is some patches and merges around and Im so early in the guide that Im afraid that if I switch to Verdant SSE I would have a headache later trying to make it work. Thanks in advance everybody! :)
  6. I was having a problem with the last version of Relinker, something about "relinker unicodedecodeerror" and "0x81", after change to version 40, I can confirm the software ran completed and without issues, thank you DarkladyLexy, as usual you rock, :)
  7. Hahahhahaha... this is wrong, so wrong... and priceless, hahahahhaa. Good one, Darth. :P
  8. I disagree: this is none "shameless promotion there", dear DarkladyLexy, you are just saving him a lot of troubles in the next future, period. :P sweetaction: Im a past user of STEP and SRLE guides, but an actual of SRLE Legacy of the Dragonborn. The two first are awesome, but the last one is just incredible. Very little issues, all of them minor and not game breaking, updated as much as is possible, with a good difficulty level for setup. The gameplay and the graphic are outstanding. On top of this full guide, I installed at least 100 mods more, for my own like, and are working almost flawless. Just a warning: as with the other two guides mentioned here, it will require a lot of learning curve and you will do it wrong many times, Skyrim is a complex beast to tame, and expecting a guide with the complexity of this one being an easy task is not realistic, just saying. On the other hand, I HAVE never found any other guide anywhere else on the internet with the level of deepnest this one (and the others two as well). Kudos.
  9. Also, Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim, MCM configuration, instruct "Stagger and injuries: Health Threshold 1 - 0.35, Health Threshold 2 - 0.25", the thing is that no section is named "Stagger and injuries", but there is a "Injuries" one, with three values configurables: Threshold Injury Ocurrence: 30% in my case, then Threshold 1: 35 % (I raised it from default 20%, I think), and finally Threshold 25 %, values raised from 15 %. Like you can see, the recommended values in the guide, are plain numbers, while in the mcm menu are percentages. Any ideas. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hellou everybody, hope you are doing great!. Simple question: anyone knows why is instructed to Disable "Get water from Wells" in the Complete Alchemy MCM menu configuration... any reason for it?, Since we are using INeed, it seems to me "realistic" (yeah, I know, that word, lets use "immersive" better?) to be able to pick a little of water when need it. So, is any compatibility/perfomance problem being avoided or just a matter of preference?. Kudos. :)
  11. Hi everybody, hope you are doing great this saturday. I have a doubt when it comes to apply the patch "Legacy of The Dragonborn Patch Central - Snazzy Patch " , since it comes with more patches that are pertinent to this guide, like for Helgen Reborn and more, here a screenshot trying to clarify the matter: Here a link with better quality for the same image: https://wiki.step-project.com/images/e/e8/LOTD_Patches.jpg So, as far as I can see, Helgen Reborn patch is included in the LOTD Patches Merged and the DSR patch will be applied later on the guide from the same file, but my question comes with RS Children and The Notice Board patches. Any suggestions on this. Thanks in advance.
  12. Good day, everybody!: A minor issue with the guide: in "Other fixes"´s section, last mod "[WoodElf - MaleHair - Fix]" has special installation instruction that I do believe does not apply to it, but to the "[Dynamic Things - Enhanced]", which, btw, has the same instruction already. The instruction says: "Make sure this Mod and the Dynamic Things mod Installed above are named the same so that they are merged together within Mod Organizer." Any ideas?.
  13. DarkladyLexy & Darth_mathias: you are the awesomeness personified. The amount of time, effort and love showed in this guide and just for the pleasure to help others as it does, is just breathtaking. Thanks a lot, from the button of my heart. Now, my two cents: Legacy of the Dragonborn official page at Nexus state the following under "Incompatibilities, Conflicts, Known Bugs:": "- Moon and Star immersion patch: This patch is not needed and will conflict with Legacy. The Legacy MAS patch incorporates an immersive delay to the MAS quest on its own and this patch is not needed." The patch itself is in the guide merged with Undeath-MaS patch, so, I do believe is safe to just avoid this merge, unselect/unistall the patch, and let the Undeath_MaS patch run alone. Any ideas around this or am I correct?. Kudos to everybody. :)
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