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Hi, i want to download Skyrim Revisited Legendary Edition, but i don't know if my computer can handle it. I would like to know if it can. If not, are there any mod that i can skip to make the game playable. I'm aiming for at least 40fps. 50 fps would be faboulous.





16gb Ram

Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50 GHz (8 CPUs)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760   3gb



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You'll be able to run it probably around 30-40 FPS outdoors if you tweak your ini settings properly. I'd recommend following the recommendations in this guide just don't add the REGS mods if you don't have a REGS install.




I have round about the same specs (a bit worse) and I get around 35 GPS outside and 30-27 in citys

I forgot about this post and haven't seen your replies until now. Sorry for that. Thank you both, and i'm using that "Medium Systems" guide and i'm trying to download as many 1024 textures as possible. Hopefully it will run fine. :)

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I have a GTX 760 2GB and SR:LE runs fine. I went with some performance options relative to the guide.. mostly clutter, bottles, food etc. I used the 1k-2k performance option of Vivid Landscapes. But you have more VRAM than me so I doubt you need to worry too much about reducing your textures.


Not tested my new setup much yet but with NLA ENB I'm generally staying well over 30 fps outdoors. Vividian was a little less demanding IIRC.

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