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Mod Organizer: Mod optionals and patches - merge vs new mod (ie. folder)



so... I'm quite sure that the answer is here somewhere on the site, but I just can't seem to find it. I've searched both the wikis and the forums.



I've been following the Skyrim: Revisited - Legendary Edition to the letter, and only quite late (having done 80% or so) I read somewhere that instead of installing mod optionals and patches as their own mod / folder (ie. you can drag them each round individually in MO etc), what I should have done is installing them under the same name and using the option "Merge" (ie. overwrite).


1) Having not done that, how much of a performance problem is this?

2) Will I be restricted in terms of the mod limits (255 .esp + .esm)?


I think (I'm not sure) that because of the way MO works (virtual folder) and me having installed them all as individuals (got 328 lines in the left pane) is also what makes me having slight stutters and freezes in game as my PC "should" be quite capable (i5 4690K, GTX 980ti 6Gb vram, 16Gb ram, Samsung 850 EVO SSD, gaming motherboard etc. Gaming at 1080P, 1680x1050).

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Putting patches into a separate mod makes them more visible. But then they are subject to ordering. It's easier to track patches when it comes time to update.

I use the 'notes' feature of MO if I am merges patches into a single mod. Losing track of what is where can lead to issues later.

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