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Oblivion Project INI (opINI) by DoubleYou

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Oblivion Project INI (opINI) by DoubleYou


Oblivion Project INI (opINI) is an attempt to restore decency to the Oblivion INI configuration file. Sadly, Bethesda screwed up its INI. You would think that their INI creation method via the Oblivion Launcher would be completely error free, as how could they mess up what essentially is a simple text file? but it isn't. It is chock full of uh-ah-choo! sneeze-worthy lines.
Enter opINI. We spinned the file that Oblivion uses to create your presets, twirled it into a sensible order, and whirled away most of the errors. This removes a large portion of the obsolete and redundant lines that the Oblivion Launcher erroneously applies to the INI file.

1. Download the main file.
2. Run the installer.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Read any warnings carefully!
5. Once the installer has completed, the Oblivion Launcher will automatically run to generate your new INI file.
6. Adjust your screen resolution and other settings as desired like normal.
7. If using Mod Organizer, copy the generated Oblivion.ini file to your \profiles\ directory.

Once this is done, please add any and all desired tweaks, as these are NOT tweaked outside of default tweaks. This mod cleans up the INI creation process. It doesn't add tweaks. Archive Invalidation will need to be redone.

1. Replace your Oblivion.ini file with the backup you should have made according to the warning in installation and go to step 3. If you neglected to heed my warnings, delete you Oblivion.ini file and go to step 2.
2. Run the Oblivion Launcher and  adjust your screen resolution and other settings as desired like normal.
3. If using Mod Organizer, copy the generated Oblivion.ini file to your \profiles\ directory.
4. Eat salt and vinegar chips.

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    • By GrantSP
      In the course of my examinations with the default settings of the various games that are catered for by MO, Fallout[3,NV], Oblivion & Skyrim. I created the full ini files with the saveini command and then combined & sorted them to see which game engine uses it.
      Doing this I found 
      bDisplayLODBuildings was listed twice in the FalloutNV ini, first with a setting of 0 and then 1. This setting is also within the same section:
      [LOD] so it isn't a case of same name but different section. There are a lot of cases of that and this is slowing the detection work somewhat.
      So what I would like to know is:
      Is my Fallout.ini created correctly? Could anyone else check their ini and verify this for me?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Hal900x
      Hello there,
      First, just a quick note: forum link in the readme doesn't work, appears to direct to a non-existent page. Ok, now the questions: the ultra preset auto-selects vsync, is this intended? Second, the "recommended tweaks" button doesn't stay checked if you relaunch. I'm assuming this is not a problem, maybe that check box is a one-time thing, but it never hurts to check! I see other settings like actor fade are persistent, so I'm thinking everything is ok.
    • By Hal900x
      Hello all,
      I hope it's ok for a newbie to post here. It was the most relevant search result, so here I am. 
      I am following the guide at https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/49898?tab=description and finding that the guide is anything but basic. Enough with the humorous asides.
      After installing OSR, I installed Bev's INI tweaks which modifies the former. However, I failed to delete the folders that weren't related to OSR before installing. I therefore uninstalled Bev's in Wyre Bash, deleted the extraneous folders, and reinstalled. I got a popup which, intending to read, I somehow dismissed accidentally. Looking through my Oblivion folder structure, it looks like it was just a backup of the ini settings I removed, hopefully. Then I reinstalled Bevs in Wrye Bash. At that point, OSR turned yellow. According to the Wrye Bash general readme, this means there is an underride. OK, that makes sense..must be as a result of my messing about. I'll anneal OSR. Still yellow. Refreshed all the data, just in case...still yellow. This concerns me, as I'm discovering that a single misstep when you're not knowledgeable can lead to much suffering. What did I do wrong, and how might it be fixed?
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