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LOOT & Global Priority toggle


I have just recently discovered (after playing over two months with a stable STEP Extended build) the LOOT global priority toggle within the "Edit Plugin Metadata".


(LOOT manual: "The Global Priority toggle controls how LOOT compares plugin priorities. If off, the plugin's priority will only be compared against plugins that conflict, and empty plugins. If on, the plugin's priority will be compared against all plugins.")


When activating this toggle (on = blue) on a new build (Extended plus "Deleveled Loot") i noticed that my load order distinctly changed, not for the plugins with global priorities, but more for the interrelation of all other plugins, which makes sense as per the description of the function.


Has anyone any experience with this or is there a recommendation towards the best practice how to use this toggle? Do both variants produce stable load orders? Activating the toggle seemed like a more logical choice to me...

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