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Account validation broken



When creating a new account, forum.step-project.com is sending the following validation link:



where it should be:



Similarly, the auto validation link is broken:



but it should be:



Finally, the https interface is open with a bad certificate and an admin management access. Even if you don't care about secure access, you should at least close down that interface since it's a separate running instance. Alternatively if you're using it for admin operations you should assign a non-default port so it won't get accessed by mistake.

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This looks like an HTML decoding bug in the email service or the email client. Specifically, § is the HTML encoded version of the section sign (§) and the translation should occur only when the encoding begins with an ampersand and ends with a semicolon. In this case, the software is erroneously replacing &sect with section sign even though &sect is not a valid HTML encoding and should not be translated.

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