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  1. Hey Kelmych, hope you are doing well. Got a a new gaming laptop and need to get my fix on oldies but goodies. Is this mod guide going to live on somewhere after the STEP upgrade? Just trying to gauge if I need to jump on getting this mod built built or not to worry. Thx
  2. Bonjour Monsieur Neo, Hope life is treating you well. If I recall, years back, family life was getting really busy for you! What do you think the chances are you would freshen up this guide, for old times sake ;). Maybe on the Nexus guide pages before the guide is down due to the STEP upgrade? Be a shame for this guide to go the way of the dodo. I still miss your original Skyrim guide, the one that started Lexy's madness! Cheers
  3. This was raised to nozzer on the discord channel.
  4. This is an example where a new folder (ie mod) is created then merged. The new one that is created with the esps can be deactivated but the mods where they pulled the esps remain active unless there are no assets left in it (if it only has the esp to begin with).
  5. Did you do the merges and then deactivate the merged mods with their esps?
  6. I had this happen as well. Wasn't sure if it had to do with the college mod upgrade. However, I deleted the merge in MO and merge plugin and tried it a second time and it worked without error. I know that doesn't sound good, but that's how it dealt with it...
  7. Ok, merges.... Basically, if you follow the guide exactly, you should be able to deactivation the mod where esps that were merged were from otherwise there will be instructions to do some cut and pasting to create new mods for esps that are in those mods that were not merged. If you set up Merge plugin correctly, all assets in the mod will be copied over to the merge mod folder with the merged esp. I recommend you compare the contents of the to be deactivated mods to the merged one to convince yourself that all the content is there. However, even I, who thought that I followed the instructions exactly, didn't keep the patch esps separate from the main mod and when I got to the merge, I realized I had to reinstall the mod and then reinstall the patches separately. When you go through it, you'll see what I mean. So that generally answers your question. Try a couple, and you'll get the hang of it
  8. How's the compatibility and where do you put the esp? I don't really want a cheat mod, just cheat on the weight ;). Perhaps there is a lighter version just for that. Just wasn't sure if one of the million mods in this build already had a feature.
  9. Question now that I have the guide installed successfully. As I will be doing a collector playthrough, I will likely get frustrated on being over encumbered. I know requiem has a setting to reduce items weights, is there a mod in this build that provides that function? Or do I need to add a mod? Thx
  10. just to clarify some incorrect info. MO 1.3.15 works perfectly without any download issues. It can be found on the MO2 Nexus page.
  11. Hey Paul! Doing well, missing your old guides. Are you up to no good ;)
  12. I just did this with success. These are the exact instructions I followed. The new MO is on the MO2 nexus page. This updated MO uses the new, supported, secure downloads URL To update, just nuke everything inside your current MO folder except for downloads, mods, profiles, and overwrite if you have anything in there, and copy the new MO files to that folder(edited) I'd also suggest backing up your ModOrganizer.ini and restoring it after launching the updated MO to avoid having to redefine all your executables, patches, etc
  13. Hey guys, just wiped my skyrim directory to build her back up again. Is it a good time to jump into the SE build? Is it very comparable to the classic or missing some key mods? Thx
  14. I've installed the mods exactly as per this guide with zero issues so far. I even added the fast Travel from anywhere to signposts (essential for sanity in my opinion) and all is still good.
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