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  1. So there's no other way to get around it? I tried changing each of the rain settings, and even adding a different drop texture, but nothing worked :<
  2. So I've noticed that rain drops appear black when falling over certain terrain backgrounds. From my own research, I can see that this is somewhat common, and people have said to install weather mods to fix this. The only thing is that I am using Snapdragon ENB, and the author says its incompatible with other weather mods. Is there a way to prevent the rain from looking black without installing other weather mods? I love this ENB, so I am hoping I wont have to find another one. I also don't want to just entirely disable rain in ENB.
  3. Oooh okay so there isn't any need for the mod at all if I am using DynDOLOD? That wasn't made fully clear in the YouTube tutorial. I honestly only have it for the waterfalls, but if there's not going to be any visual difference without it, Ill just remove the mod entirely and re generate LOD. I'm just trying to make sure there isn't some mesh conflict that might give me CTDs later on, which has happened to me before. Thank you both so much for your quick replies!! <3
  4. Hello everyone, I am having an issue where DynDOLOD doesn't appear to be loading Windmill sails from Skyfalls/SkyMills correctly. They are sometimes disappearing for me as I get close, and then never re appear. For example, approaching Whiterun from the south, the mills are visible, but as I get close they disappear, instead of loading the non distant model. The windmill sails don't reappear if I move around more, or wait. I installed Skyfalls/ SkyMills first, then SMIM and the compatibility patch, then DynDOLOD. I am also not seeing any errors from DynDOLOD or papyrus. Please help! I have no idea what I am doing wrong in my install.
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