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Why can't ENBoost utilize more of my 16Gb or RAM?



I was following the ENBoost quickstart instructions: https://wiki.step-project.com/ENBoost#Recommendations


I have 16Gb of Ram and the formula for deciding VideoMemorySizeMb is [Total Available Graphics Memory] − [170 (for Win7) or 350 (for Win8+)]

My total available graphics memory is only reported as 7936. Does that mean there is absolutely no use in having over 8GB of RAM?


I was setting up Skyrim Mod Combiner to make my new install nice and pretty and the author of that project recommended 16GB if you are going to run the game with SMC and an ENB.

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I also have 16Gb and I have never crossed that in active use... however if you check how much of the total memory is actually used as cache as well you get quite high depending on your texture load. In my case 12Gb. You will also notice it in cities in particular... your transition times are going to be really short once you have loaded an area once. Heck even the entire game is going to boot up much faster the 2nd time around... you will be happy for this if you get CTD´s. 


Since you do not use most of 16Gb of memory anyways... it cant hurt to set it higher, but do not expect miracles in terms of performance and load capabilities. After all the amount of data going around is so silly that it is actually amazing that the game can even start and function. 

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