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GeForce Experience - Skyrim Recommendations



Hello all!


I just wanted to make a quick post about GeForce Experience's new recommendation for users with higher end cards. To long to read: Don't optimize unless you know your system can handle it.



GeForce Experience has been bugging me the last couple days to optimize my Skyrim settings. MO users really do not have to worry about this since it'll change the default INIs and not the ones in your MO profile. However, there is one change it is recommending that I want to warn inexperienced users about since they might not be aware of it. That is this:

  • Resolution: 2715x1527 DSR

Some users might see this a say, "wow! I can run my Skyrim on really high resolution and get really great graphics!". Don't be fooled!


First, what is that "DSR" at the end? DSR = Dynamic Super Resolution (click the link for detailed information).

In a nutshell, DSR renders your game at a higher resolution than your native one and then down-scales it back to your native resolution. So, if your native resolution is 1920x1080, DSR renders the game at 2715x1527 and then down-scales it back down to 1920x1080. Why do this? In a vanilla game, users can do this safely to achieve better and cleaner graphic detail than they would be able to achieve without it. However, GeForce Experience does not take into account a modded Skyrim which requires more power from the GPU than the vanilla game.


Should you do optimize your settings in GeForce Experience?

That is entirely dependent on your personal system. If you have this option, then Nvidia says your card can handle doing this in the vanilla game. You may turn this on to test it, but expect a performance impact and most likely a significant one. I do not recommend trying this on a modded game unless you have a graphics card with at least 3-4GBs of VRAM.


There ya go!

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