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Weapon Animation Replacer - Enhanced Camera


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Hey everyone, long time user - second time poster.
I am having issues with these two mods with *only* rifle-based energy weapons. When looking down the iron sights in first person (with true iron sights enabled) the gun is either not there or held as if in 3rd person. In 3rd person the new idle animations work. When I fire the energy weapon rifle (in first person) the gun is brought up while firing and then returned to the odd position as shown in screenshot. Any suggestions?

The three screenshots I've included are:

1. Idle 3rd person 1r2ogn.jpg

2. Idle 1st person 2u44vp2.jpg

3. aiming in 1st person (notice the position of the crosshair) 33f57jo.jpg

P.S I am using FOOK-PN Convergence (all 3 stages) if that's of any help to solve my issues

Thanks for reading!

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