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Need help interpreting instructions from Conflict Resolution guide.


0005C80C DialogueFollowerDismissTopic > 0005C826

Conflict Resolution: Use record from EFFDialogue.esp then move the conditions from Hearthfires.esm then add the "GetRelationshipRank" condition check from FCO - Follower Commentary Overhaul.esp.

Problem Resolved: Changes from Extensible Follower Framework, Hearthfire, and Follower Commentary Overhaul needed to be merged.

I understood the first part fine but what exactly does "add the "GetRelationshipRank" condition check from FCO - Follower Commentary Overhaul.esp." part mean?


Am I supposed to just move the condition check directly to the right under the SR resolution patch and overwrite what's already there? Or am I supposed to right-click the conditions bar and select add, then move the condition check there?


Am I adding the entire condition check or just the "GetRelationshipRank" line?

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