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Going from STEP: Core to STEP: Extended and a few other things.



I recently finished installing STEP: Core. After some testing I've decided that I want to incorporate at least some of the STEP: Extended mods.


Do I start off by uninstalling the STEP: Core Patch and the following mods? Or can I just start installing non-core mods from the top?

Do I have to install the STEP: Extended Patch regardless of whether I want all of the STEP: Extended mods? I understand that it requires certain mods.


I’m also interested in moving up from Baseline STEP to Extreme STEP, exceeding the recommended quality options. Is there anything I should know beforehand?

Do I simply uninstall the mod, then install the higher quality version? Won’t this adversely affect the STEP installation order?


I can probably figure out these other issues on my own, but I would greatly appreciate any input you might have.


Is there any way to get a list of active mods from an old save? I assume it’s dependent on those mods. I have a character that I might like to revisit from when I last played.


How do I go about installing mods available only from Steam Workshop? Can I somehow add them to my Mod Organizer list? Can I enable/activate them without running the official launcher? IIRC some settings are overwritten whenever the launcher is executed.


Whenever I’m testing I try to provoke a CTD. This involves going to Solitude and shouting a lot. Do you have any stress testing tips?


One time during testing I used the Unrelenting Force shout on Hod in Riverwood. When he chased after me out of his home his animations were missing. His model was gliding face down on the ground, arms and legs outstretched. If this sounds familiar, please let me know if there is a fix available.


Thank you for reading.

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After a couple of hours of searching I believe I've found the solution:


1. Copy the STEP: Core profile. Rename the new profile to STEP: Extended.

2. Install STEP: Extended mods.

3. Sort the mods as outlined in the STEP Guide, e.g. "Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade" should be directly below "Weapons and Armor Fixes".

4. See if any STEP: Core mods need to be reinstalled, as there might be special installation instructions related to STEP: Extended.

5. Activate all mods.

6. Run LOOT and sort plugins.

7. Run Wrye Bash and rebuild the Bashed Patch.

8. Save the new STEP: Extended profile.

9. Start playing.


Does this sound right? Source topic:



I apologize for not searching more thoroughly beforehand.

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It might be a bit easier to sort the mods into the proper install order as you install them. In other words, when you install Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade you know it goes after Weapons and Armor Fixes so you could move it into correct order right after you install it. This way you don't have to go through the guide twice.

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I have question that really needs to be answers. Is it okay if I JUST install the mods that the core/extended patches said that I no longer needed to tick (Basically the mods that the patch already merged).


Would that be enough of a qualifications to install something like the Extended patch?

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