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  1. The patch is live, here's the description: **** The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available now. For more information on the Anniversary Edition, visit our article here. Please find the update notes for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition below. Update Version 1.6 PC (Steam): 5.3 GB FIXES General performance optimizations Minor art and lighting fixes Adjusted creation quests so they no longer start upon leaving Helgen Bug fixes and balance updates to the following Creations: • Alternative Armors – Daedric Mail • Alternative Armors – Elven Hunter • Alternative Armors – Ebony Plate • Alternative Armors – Ebony Plate • Arcane Archer Pack • Bone Wolf • Dawnfang & Duskfang • Dead Man's Dread • Chrysamere • Civil War Champions • Divine Crusader • Forgotten Seasons • Goblins • Hendraheim • Myrwatch • Pets of Skyrim • Plague of the Dead • Rare Curios • Ruin’s Edge • Saints and Seducers • Saturalia • Spell Knight Armor • Staff of Sheogorath • Stendarr's Hammer • Sunder & Wraithguard • Survival Mode • Tundra Homestead
  2. There is a patch for Immersive sounds and Enhanced Blood SSE, but for some reason, LOOT reports it's not needed. Anyway. I've added a few -erm, a lot of other mods, and now I need to get the count down. First thing to do would probably be to flag some small esp as esl, but, before I frack things up, I have a question. :) I noticed some of your patches are esl, and others are esp. Wrye Batch says sure, go ahead, flag it as ESL, nothing bad will happen, but if it does, don't come whining to me. ;) What is the reason for not flagging a "simple" esp as esl? Is it dependant on the master? I can not find info on this. So far, I've figured that older mods (<2018) who are not dependant on a master could be converted as esl if Wrye Bash says so, but I'm not sure about the others. Also, do you (or anyone else reading this) know of a written guide on zMerge? I really need to merge some of my mods, but I'm having trouble finding documentation. Wrye Bash documentation on merging seems non existant (the old STEP instructions on creating a bashed patch serve a different purpose, I believe and I haven't touched that since before the SE came out anyway), xEdit documentation is flagged as either obsolete or refers to videos that have since been deleted. Also, Wrye Bash is giving me headaches as it won't let me ALT+TAB to my browser so I can read doc as I go through with it. Ultra-annoying. I found an instruction video on Youtube, but I've never been fond of these things to learn something new. Thanks for your time, it's really appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the answer, I shouldn't post when I'm tired, I got confused by another set of armor. All is good, I'm slowly correcting my mistakes, thank you very much :)
  4. Quick semi-newb question. I stumbled upon another patch hub https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9951?tab=files'>here (Lost of T'Skyrim). There's also a CBBE There are CBBE patches for Amidian born and Frankly HD Imperial(... ) and I also found a CBBE version of Lustmord armor. My question is: is there a difference between using such patches and generating the meshes as you are doing in your guide? I'm guessing not... (sorry, never dealt with that before and I'm not much of an artist either). If I do install these patches, I guess I don't have to tick the relevant options in #7 of the Generating body[...] portion of your guide? Same if I have CBBE versions of other armour mods I found and installed (notably, some of DX armors).
  5. Minor change in the instructions for your next update: I believe one of the updates remove this, since there is no such plugin in the mod.
  6. Duh! I tried looking at the Nexus for his nick but didn't find anything. I had actually downloaded it all, but if he was banned for stealing other people's work, it's a no-no for my personal use. Permissions can be a gray zone sometimes, with past authors not being reachable, but theft, no. Thanks for pointing it out. As soon as I finish my setup I will test the animations, see if it works for me, as well as the other mod. And yes, I know, it is extremely hard to compare one animation to another, in all kind of settings.
  7. A couple of suggestions based on reading other parts of the forum... Skyrim Vanilla overhaul textures projet by - Lupus Hegemonia. Despite the name, it appears it is not strictly vanilla, but it really looks good. And there's a bunch of other textures on his site too, some of them look better than what is provided in S.T.E.P or in your guide, imho. Just a cursory look though, I haven't and can't yet play with them. NPC AI process position fix This one seems to work better than closing time. I've replaced closing time with this for my next playthrough, I'll see how it goes. Any reason why you are not using this more modern mod that seems to do the same thing? 360 Movement Behavior SE Again, thanks for all the work :)
  8. Much easier on the eyes :) The mod "Silver arrows" has been deleted from Nexus though.
  9. This link does not work, it returns to a 404 error (Site not found). I can only access it with the readme. https://github.com/dreadflopp/dreads_modlist_patches/blob/master/README.md Nice guide btw, I'm just starting with it, trying something different after STEP LE. :)
  10. Discussion topic: 3D Snowberries by wSkeever/wankingSkeever Wiki Link Propose we adopt this and the add-on mod below for SE Guide (> 1.0.0) Also see: This is a new mod I just stumbled upon, by accident. I haven't tried it yet, I just got my new monitor and I haven't finished modding my SSE yet. I do not know about the impact performance on low end machines either. I'm posting it here for people to try, and maybe, eventually, submit a STEP proposal to be included in the guide, if it's aesthetically pleasing and within the mandate of S.T.E.P., of course. 🙂
  11. Sorry, but did you remove all driver configurations on purpose? Reading this I thought it will be in a spoiler tag, not deleted. If it is still needed, and depending on what is required, I could write the section about AMD settings for you, based on your instructions for previous versions of the drivers, as I am a (proud ;) ) AMD user :) . If extensive testing with FPS measurements of each option is required though, I'm sorry, but I'll let someone else do it. I could write it directly in the system's guide page, or create separate document if you feel it is safer.
  12. Veydosebrom - Grasses and Groundcover (by Merkcy) I just found this while browsing Nexus for other mods. It does look gorgeous. There's a also a release for Skyrim SE. It's got to conflict with Skyrim Flora Overhaul, I guess. There's some options in the installation, and ah... I'll leave to people with a better artistic eye than mine to evaluate this.
  13. anybody ever had the chance to fully test this? :)
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