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Creation Kit - Help making elevator system with scripts and/or activators



Hey all, looking for a solution on a problem with a player home mod I'm making.  Here's the deal...

  • The home has 4 floors.  I want to create an elevator system that I can use to travel from any floor, up or down to any floor. 
  • I want to use the dwemer lifts, also using the mod Animated Dwemer Lift Load Doors, which basically gives the lifts a short animation of moving up or down.
  • I'd also like for followers and NPCs to be able to use the elevators, either following me or sandboxing

I've tried several things, several combinations, and just can't quite get it...

  • using activators (I assumed I'd need one per floor on each floor) with enable parent/activate parent..mixing and matching several ways.  Also mixed with a simple teleport script (which I cant find a good teleport script that will also teleport followers or allow NPC's to use)
  • created a "door" using a lever/button/pullchain image, also mixing with enable/activate parent.  Lever animation not working, and cant figure out how to delay the door teleport, like i can in a script, so I can see the lift animation

I feel like I'm missing something simple, or possibly just need to do this with a nice long and complex script, and I dont have that skillset  :O_o:


Any help would be appreciated




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