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Unknown FormID while processing papyrus log...



I tried to use tes5edit to analyze my papyrus log, the result was this:



Unknown FormID [1E001831], changed load order? All other unknown forms will be ignored.

Ignored 21 unknown FormIDs


What cause this problem and how can I fix it? Thank you :)


By the way if you can spend some extra help and analyze this line in my Papyrus log for me I would be grateful:

Error: Cannot call GetValue() on a None object, aborting function call stack:[_SPLSKConfigQuest (4600388D)]._splskyuiconfig.OnConfigInit() - "_SPLSkyUIConfig.psc" Line 93





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Unknown means it can't find records with FormIDs stored in log in the current plugins loaded into TES5Edit.

Enter 1E001831 in the FormID search field in the left upper corner to check.

I need log example to test for new messages parsing.

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