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ENBoost crashes on startup



ENBoost keeps crashing the game on startup after I try to load the game. I think the problem is the the need for older versions of direct x, but i have alreadt tried installing direct x end user runtime environment but it said that it did not need to install anything as I have the latest version of direct x.

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I get this message:      Patch Speedhack ENBoost turned on in ENBlocal.ini, graphic modification disabled  I'm assuming this means that ENB is not working. The game does run though. Is my assumption wrong?

Am I chasing my tail over a non-issue?



EDI I'd still like to know how to determine if I'm missing masters though.


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Then I was chasing after the wrong thing.

As it turns out, I had all the graphic settings at their max in the Skyrim launcher. I had forgotten that i had done that at the beginning of the STEP process. I just turned a few things down a little and viola. Then when I entered Whiterun I had to drop them a little more. Everything seems to be working great. 

Thanks for your help

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