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Wrye Bash with STEP Combined Plugin



I am running Wyre Bash with STEP combined plugin.  The reason I am using the combined plugin is I am not using Enhanced Lighting for ENB-LITE and Relighting skyrim.  Those to mods are required for the STEP core and STEP extended plugins.  I am also running falskaar and wyrmstooth.  When I run the Wyre bash patch it completes normally but the window shows up blank that would normally display changes made.  Everything seem to be find in game.  I can still activate the patch.  Everyone also is wearing cloths in game as well.


Thoughts on how to fix?  Thank you. :-)

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Sometimes the Bashed Patch menu does that. It is isn't a problem, you don't get the log of what it did. If you want to see then look in the Docs folder that gets created after you close out WB. People who are naked may be from plugins that don't have proper bash tags. Make sure that in the Bashed patch menu you have Merged Plugins ticked on the left side and that all the plugins on the right side are ticked as well. 


The Combined plugin is fine, it doesn't cause any issues with WB.

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