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General Problems with ENB's and Solutions - Troubleshooting



Before Troubleshooting, make sure that you set skyrim to be application controlled in your driver effects. That means never force Effects like Antialiasing, Ambient occlusion, Anisoptric filtering and so on via your graphics driver to skyrim.


Effect: Ghosting / duplication effects while mooving:
Is caused by Temporal Antialiasing - disable the temporal Antialiasing option in the enblocal.ini

Effect: Garbadge textures, Transparent Textures, Missing Eyes, Missing particle effects:
Check that you set your texture quality in the launcher atleast to "high". Also have a look if all skyrimprefs.ini Settings are correct (see Below) - there are known Issues with iMultiSample=1 and broken / missing textures.

Effect: too dark interiors/Exteriors that differ from mod authors intention


Cause 1: Addon and Mods - Please uninstall those
Climates of tamriel Warmer and colder Interiors
ELFX Enhancder
Remove interior Fog
(reportet only once) ETaC - Inn plugin (install without Inn's)
Hialgo - PLEASE UNINSATLL! Do yourself a favor
EVGA Precision X tray monitoring program - Disable!
MSI afterburner when monitoring is enabled - Disable!

Skyrim Winter Overaul - Changes sunset end sunrise times. Load vividian patches always after this mod! 
DYNDOLOD Window Light LOD. Please do not use this option. 
LITTLE THINGS - ATMOSPHERE (changes skymesh)

Cause 2:
There are cases where darkness has been stuck into the savegame by a mod that has been unsinstalled ages ago.

To check this open up the console at the main menu (^ key) and type in: coc riverwood
Once you are in riverwood look around and enter the next INN. Check how the interiors/Exteriors or nights look now. If its a huge difference you got a messed up savegame.


Cause 3:
Another reason for too dark Interiors is sometimes, that the weather system hiccups as soon one enters a door. Then it disables all light sources and it will take a bit till they fade in as the weather is changing. That seldom happens but happens. Just wait 1-2 minutes and see if the Light comes back.


Please also make SURE you have all ini changes applyd to your skyrimprefs.ini (MO users need to change that in the MO profile)
iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA
bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA
Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

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I'm searching for an Oblivion solution to the in game clouds. I am currently running oblivion in virtual reality with full direct 1:1 head tracking however the clouds don't seem to render at quite the right distance. Is there an ini fix that i can tweak the distance of the clouds? Again this is for Oblivon not Skyrim. Skyrims clouds do render correctly.

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